Lifestyles of The Rich & The Famous: 10 Celebs Who’ve Gone Overboard with Their Spending

Lifestyles of The Rich & The Famous: 10 Celebs Who’ve Gone Overboard with Their Spending
Photo by Giorgio Trovato

Imagine if money wasn’t an issue, what would you want to treat yourself with this week, month, or year? There’s no denying that owning an extravagant amount of cash could lead to some pretty crazy purchases and we’re all for it. From buying a ticket on Virgin Galactic’s space plane, all the way to spending hundreds of thousands on a property for their dogs, there’s nothing that these celebs haven’t done already. 

They’re so accustomed to living in the lap of luxury, that anything less would be considered sacrilegious – at least according to their standards. It almost feels unjust seeing such obnoxious spending habits, especially when millions of people are on the brink of poverty. Of course, this doesn’t mean regular people don’t deserve or get to experience luxury at least once in their lifetime. There’s actually a great selection of luxurious casino resorts around the world, even if planning such trips may take a lot of years’ savings, it might be well worth it!

And with that in mind, join us in taking a look at some pretty wild spends – as for the rest of us, one can only dream!

1. Celine Dion spent $2 Million on a Skin Humidifier

We’re all aware that celebrities live in a very different world to the one we’re used to, so Celine Dion dropping a whopping two million dollars on a skincare device should feel normal right? The multi-award-winning diva clearly takes her routine seriously, with a top of the range humidifier that’s said to create an optimal environment for her complexion, and more importantly, her voice. 

2. Ashton Kutcher Paid $200K on a Space Plane Ticket

Back in 2012, Ashton Kutcher dropped a large wad of cash in exchange for a ticket on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo rocket. As time went by however, Ashton got married and had children and felt that it might be an unsafe adventure to embark on at that stage in his life. Incidentally, Katy Perry bought the same ticket for her fiancé at the time, Russell Brand, on his 35th birthday. 

3. Donald Trump Added Gold Bathrooms to a $100 Million Jet

Apparently buying a Boeing 747 for over $100 million wasn’t enough for ex American President and entrepreneur Donald Trump, who went a step further and chose to customise his bathrooms with real gold features and accents including a gold-plated sink with matching hardware amongst others. Incidentally Kim and Kanye also purchased similar fittings when moving into their new house – cringe.

4. U2’s Bono Once Spent Over $1K On a Plane Ticket for His Hat

Bono forgot his hat behind on a flight between London and Italy and organised to have it chaperoned back. For this he incurred $150 for a private transfer to Gatwick airport, another $700 on a British Airways plane ticket, and another $225 to transport the hat from the airport straight to the concert venue!

5. The Time Lady Gaga Spent $50k On A Ghost Detector

Lady Gaga is no stranger to controversy, but she definitely raised a couple of eyebrows when she spent around $50,000 on a ghost detector machine that’s meant to keep spirits away whenever she sings on stage. The singer now turned actress swears by the electromagnetic field reader as well as by her paranormal team that are hired to visit and ‘clean’ locations before she visits them. 

6. Victoria Beckham’s Gold iPhone Cover Costed $36K

The ex-Spice Girl is used to making headlines especially when it comes to fashion and luxury splurges, and this time it was a 24 karat gold cell phone cover that caught her eye – or her husband’s actually. It’s said that David dropped almost $36,000 on Stuart Hughes the handcrafted phone cover that weighs 150g and is gold plated in 24K. 

7. Drake Spent $400K On a Stingray and Horsehair Mattress

And just when you thought extravagances couldn’t get any weirder, in comes Drake with his $400K mattress that’s made out of stingray skin and horsehair. This fully handmade bed by designer living brand Hastens takes over 600 hours to be made and is quoted to feel as though you’re floating when you’re asleep. Just in case you were wondering, this bed weighs almost one ton. 

8. Snoop Dropped Over $7 million on an NFT

American rapper Snoop Dogg is no stranger when it comes to spending large amounts of cash on art especially across the crypto community. His purchase of ‘Right Click and Save As guy’ from artist XCOPY was sold at an impressive $7,088,229 or 1,600 ETH (Ethereum) in December 2021. 

9. Beyoncé and Jay-Z bought Blue an $88k Diamond Barbie

Barbie may be all the rage now, but this well-loved doll was also the central character for Queen Bey and Jay-Z’s first birthday party for their daughter Blue. After having spent thousands on fresh flowers, costumes, and a ginormous cake amongst others, the proud parents also purchased an $88,000 Barbie doll wearing signature Tiffany blue complementing her real diamond pieces. 

10. Bill Gates Purchased Da Vinci’s Notebook for $31 million

Back in 1994 when the Internet wasn’t a thing yet and people didn’t have such quick access to information, Bill Gates lowkey dropped $30.8 million on one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks from the Codex Leister series. These books are said to contain ideas and sketches from the 16th century amongst others. Seems like something of the sort should be publicly displayed in a museum – but apparently not. Ok Bill!