Ashlyn Harris Responds to Sophia Bush’s Coming Out Announcement

Sophia Bush has a cheerleader in her corner, and it’s none other than her girlfriend, Ashlyn Harris. After Sophia came out as queer in a heartfelt essay, Ashlyn was quick to show her support.

Ashlyn, a former USWNT player, took to Instagram on April 26 to express her pride. She shared a photo of Sophia gracing the cover of Glamour’s latest issue, captioning it, “Proud of you babe.”

In the Glamour cover story, Sophia spilled the beans on the significant shifts in her life over the past year. This included coming to terms with her sexuality and dealing with her split from ex-husband Grant Hughes.

Interestingly, it was through a support group for women going through divorces that Sophia found love with Ashlyn. At that time, Ashlyn was also dealing with her own separation from fellow soccer player Ali Krieger.

Sophia, 41, penned, “I didn’t expect to find love in this support system.” She added, “I didn’t see it until I saw it. And I think it’s very easy not to see something that’s been in front of your face for a long time when you’d never looked at it as an option and you had never been looked at as an option.”

So, there you have it. Love can indeed be found in the most unexpected places.


Mia Scott
Mia Scott
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