How to Choose the Best Casino Bonus in New Zealand 

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Many people in New Zealand are quickly embracing the concept of online gambling and it is increasingly becoming a favourite activity in the country. Several games played in an on-site casino have been moved online to accommodate more players and offer more convenience to users. The amount of casinos accessible to gamblers on makes it appealing. There are many casinos offering great casino bonuses for Kiwi players

Many NZ online casinos adopt various promotion methods to attract people to their sites and one of such methods embraced by most game developers is the introduction of bonuses. These bonuses are introduced to give bettors greater opportunities to win more than their betting activities. Players can win something whether they’re gambling with their money or not. 

It is imperative to know that not all bonuses promoted by some online casinos should be chosen by a gambler. Some offers look too good to be true and others come with a rather high price. Here are some tips that help you choose the best bonuses as a New Zealand bettor. 


Almost every bonus advertised by online casinos comes with some hidden information, this information is included in their long list of terms and conditions that most gamblers don’t honestly pay much attention to. Taking a little time out to properly look through and consider the details included in the terms and conditions of these bonuses is highly recommended. Skimming through the details in them can help you know whether to go ahead and sign up for the bonus or not. 

Most conditions for winning an online casino bonus are usually based on the number of times you would need to play before you can be awarded the bonus. There are also some promotion restrictions and withdrawal limits every punter should be aware of when they choose a type of bonus on the site. Most often, these conditions are not outrightly advertised on the pages of the casinos but are found in the terms and conditions documents. 

Some casinos don’t allow players to bet more than a certain number of times or spin beyond some rounds. Taking out time to check these terms will let you know the bonuses to avoid and those that suit you best. 


Business is often defined as an entity created to generate profit, and a casino business is pretty much established for the same purpose. When bonuses are offered, it comes as a cost to the casinos which makes it necessary for them to introduce wagering requirements that you must meet before the bonuses are made available to you. 

The wagering requirements of most online casinos focus on letting you know how many times you ought to play the bonus game before you can get a real cash prize for withdrawal. When you play a casino with a wagering requirement of x50, it means that you would need to play the bonus game 50 times before you can claim the bonus prize. This may appear to be difficult but it is still less difficult than the wagering requirement in an on-site casino. 

Other types of wagering requirements used by casinos are game bonus conversion and conversion caps. Conversion caps are down to limit the number of bonus wins that can be turned into cash while game bonus conversion is to show how much some games contribute to your bonus winnings. 


This is yet another important thing to consider before choosing that particular attractive bonus. Every casino has a period within which a player ought to have used their bonuses or turned them into real cash. The dates set for the validity of the bonus wins differ for different casinos, it can be within hours or days, and some others could be months. 

The reason behind a short validity bonus win is to make you increase your bets which is not safe and may increase your chances of losing. A reasonable validity period for a reasonable bonus win is the choice you ought to make, Looking for a way to play 60 times within 2 days to win an NZD$1500 seems ridiculous. Always be on the lookout for casinos with better and longer bonus validity. 


Attractive and mouth-watering bonuses and promotions are not what determines the credibility of an online casino. The casino you pick must be licensed by the proper body and work with reputable game developers. There are many strict gambling authorities to look out for and a casino that is backed by the necessary body in New Zealand. These rules are to protect you and not necessarily to keep you from exercising the freedom of gambling the way you want. 


Before choosing to register on any online casino, you should choose a game that is open to bonuses. Some games like slots and roulette are common games that offer many bonuses. Most bettors choose to play bonus games with slots more than others because it has more benefits and slots are much easier to play. Playing a game you’re not conversant with to win a bonus will only lead to more losses. 

The bonuses chosen must also expand your winnings, not bring it down. Bonuses profit both casino operators and bettors; bettors get to increase their winnings while operators get to attract more customers. 

Be careful to not be deceived by excessively attractive bonuses that make you break your betting limits. Always have a limit to how much you want to gamble with and stick to it, that’s how to develop a responsible gambling life. 


Different countries have games that are more predominant among their bettors. Some popular casino games in New Zealand include blackjack, roulette, video poker, and pokies also known as slot machines. 

Pokies are available in many features and developers get creative with them by creating different themes. Pokies come as free spins and bonus rounds when it comes to bonuses offered by many online casinos. 

Choosing the best bonuses is simple once the tips listed above are followed diligently. Check out some other responsible gambling tips on the New Zealand gambling commission.