How Celebrities Have Opened Doors to Greater Sexual Self-Acceptance

How Celebrities Have Opened Doors to Greater Sexual Self-Acceptance
Photo by Anthony Tran

If you’ve spent any amount of time online, you may have noticed that celebrities and famous people hold a lot of cards. Celebrities and their personal lives and opinions, affect us all. They influence and affect the masses in many key ways, most recently noted, in how their sex lives affect the lives of society. From Jamie Lynn getting pregnant at 17 to her older sister Brittany Spears and her small, tight outfits, celebrities have paved the way in a lot of ways. 

Sexual self-acceptance is not easy, and attaining it is made even harder by society’s rigid standards. Men, women, and everyone between have all felt the boot of these expectations, but there has been some development recently. Help to achieve sexual self-acceptance has come from the most unlikeliest of places; the celebrity sphere! Whether you’re looking to learn more about celebrities and how they influence society or self-acceptance, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about sexual self-acceptance and what celebrities have had to do with it!

Open dialogue

One of the main ways in which celebrity sexual activities have boosted global confidence levels is through open dialogue. Keeping things “hush-hush” and secret only damages the way we view things, especially if it’s about sexuality. Talking about things and putting them out in the open is one of the many ways to fight for sexual liberation, and celebrities have done just that!

Whether through tweets, posts, or provocative song lyrics, celebrities talk about many topics. By putting these topics out there, they not only raise awareness but also open the floor for discussion. While it may not always be solely educational, the line of communication that celebrities create this way is key. Communication, education, and representation are how celebrities help to make sexual self-acceptance possible!

Less stigma

Another way that celebrities have boosted sexual self-acceptance is through destigmatizing sex. From the early pioneers like Madonna to today’s Cardi B and Bella Thorne, the stigma around sex and sexual topics has gotten less because of them. A huge and painful part of sexual repression is shame. If you see someone you look up to engaging in things you may feel shameful about, you’re more likely to accept that part of yourself. 

Through their actions, choices, and opinions celebrities help to destigmatize. Anything from sexual orientations to sexual partners comes to mind! From bondaged teens to celebrity OnlyFans, modern celebrities have made many topics less taboo today! Though this tends to happen more in retrospect, there’s no denying how celebrities have lessened sexual stigma over the years. If you don’t feel shame about a certain aspect of your life, you’ll feel more confident about it. 

Education and Awareness

Lessening global sexual stigma is not always about feeling more empowered because of a celebrity getting it on with someone! Sexual self-acceptance and freedom come from information and education. There are plenty of celebrities out there who have been outspoken about both their opinions and knowledge about sex. This information, aside from saucy, can also be educational and crucial to keeping everyone in society safe and secure.

Since Freddie Mercury came out as Bisexual and HIV/AIDS positive, celebrities have been a beacon of awareness and education. Through their identities and opinions, they help bring up topics that help keep the general public safe and educated. Knowledge about sexual activities and identities can both educate and empower you! Knowledge is power, no matter where you get it from!

Social media

Social media has become the new information hub and sharing platform for anyone to put up anything, even celebrities! Though social media does have its flaws, if used for good, it can and has laid the foundation for sexual self-acceptance and empowerment! Social media is a great platform to educate, share experiences, and find community in sexual self-acceptance

From educational videos and info posts to memes to putting sex workers on the map with thousands of followers, social media has changed the game. It’s given a platform to so many creators who have raised awareness about sexuality and popularized the topic. With all this content from celebrities and influencers out there, people have found community and are free. Social media does indeed have its upsides in the form of sexual empowerment!

Identifying with the celebrity

Last but not least, because we identify with celebrities, they can influence our sexual self-acceptance. Identifying with a person holds power, especially for taboo topics like sexuality. No matter who you are or what you’re into, everyone has at least one celebrity or famous person out there that they like. The celebrity you choose to idolize will influence how you live your life and what you believe in. If you like celebrities who are more open about sex and sexuality, you are more likely to become so too!

Self-acceptance, whether sexual or not, starts with finding and accepting yourself. You can also achieve this by aligning yourself with people you admire and respect. As it so happens, many people find and align themselves with celebrities. If they see their favorite celebrities living their best, liberated lives, then they too feel empowered enough to do so!

So there you have it! With these points in mind, it’s easy to see how celebrities have made the world a better and safer sexual place, and why. For starters, celebrities and public figures have opened up the conversation and allowed space for open dialogue. Through their antics and opinions, they’ve destigmatized certain aspects of sexuality. They’ve also made the world more accepting of these different aspects too. 

Through their tweets and lifestyles, celebrities educate and raise awareness on sexual topics. Knowledge is power and by sharing it with others, they uplift and empower them! Social media and all the celebrities on it have also played a huge role in destigmatizing sexuality. Last but not least, because of the connection people have with their favorite celebrities, they can feel free and empowered. Next time you decide to bash a celebrity, keep these points in mind and see if you’re still up for it. Celebrities may not do much, but they definitely do have an impact!