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Why the Bold Glamour Filter on TikTok is creating controversy beyond its looks

  • TikTok’s Bold Glamour filter has sparked controversy for reshaping a person’s face entirely, including plumping lips and thinning the nose.
  • Some users have criticized the filter for potentially impacting a person’s self-esteem and body image, while others argue it allows people to achieve society’s idea of beauty without surgery.
  • Makeup artist Erica Taylor sees the filter as a useful tool for learning makeup techniques but warns of its potential to be discouraging for those with self-esteem issues. She emphasizes the power of beauty to lift one’s features and bring out their best self.

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TikTok’s latest Bold Glamour filter has sparked controversy for its extreme effect on users’ appearances. The filter completely reshapes the face, including plumping the lips as if they have been injected with filler, thinning the nose, and shaving the jawline. While some users have praised the filter for allowing them to achieve society’s idea of beauty without undergoing surgery, others have criticized it for potentially damaging one’s self-esteem and body image.

Erica Taylor, a makeup artist and TikTok influencer, has talked about the filter. She says that while it can be discouraging to take it off and see how you really look, the filter can be a fun way for regular people to get a taste of what celebrities have had for years: a perfectly sculpted face.Taylor knows that the idea of a perfect face is not new, since magazines and celebrities have been spreading it for decades.

Taylor talks about the pros and cons of the filter and how beauty can make a person feel more confident and happy.She suggests that instead of trying to look like someone else, users should focus on enhancing their natural features and bringing out their best selves. Even though she thought the filter was too extreme for her taste, Taylor used it like tracing paper to help her put on her makeup.

In the end, TikTok’s Bold Glamour filter has led to a conversation about how filters affect beauty standards and how people see themselves. While some see it as a fun tool to experiment with different looks, others see it as another way to perpetuate unrealistic expectations and reinforce negative self-perceptions. Each person has to decide for themselves if filters help or hurt their self-esteem and how they want to show themselves to the world.

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