Why Matthew Koma, Hilary Duff’s Husband, Direct Messaged Love Is Blind Cast

Clay Gravesande and AD Smith: Not a Couple. Clay was hesitant about marriage, his father’s infidelity haunting his thoughts. AD, however, was confident. She believed they could overcome anything as a couple.

Then came the altar. The moment of truth. Clay didn’t say “I do.” Instead, he said “I don’t.” He told AD it wouldn’t be “responsible” to marry her, knowing he wasn’t ready.

Shocker, right?

“I’m going to put the work in for you,” he told AD. “We’ll go through this together.” He didn’t care what anyone else thought. He knew he wasn’t ready for marriage. AD deserved the best, and if he couldn’t give her 100%, he wouldn’t go there. He just couldn’t say yes. Not yet.

AD was devastated. She tearfully declared the relationship a waste of her “f–king time.”

Clay had his reasons, too. Finances and emotional ties were a big part of his decision to walk away. He’d looked in the mirror and asked himself, “Am I a husband?” The answer was no. “Am I deeply in love?” Again, the answer was no.

At the reunion, Clay admitted he’d made a mistake. He wanted to date AD again. But AD? She was playing it cool. She wasn’t sure if she’d consider getting back together.

AD did share some news, though. She’d been on a few dates with co-star Matthew Duliba after filming. But, they’re not together either.