Why Do People LOVE Watching Lady Luck??

Why Do People LOVE Watching Lady Luck??
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In the past couple of years, it has become a trend to stream or make videos where you play casino games. Many influencers, celebrities, YouTubers, and streamers have hopped on the bandwagon of creating casino game content.

Celebrities or influencers with a massive social media following get brand deals, which they usually promote to their followers. Many famous land-based and online casinos have paid partnerships with influencers to promote their brand. 

But one name that has stood out in recent months is Lady Luck. Who is this mysterious streamer, and why do people love her? Let’s find the answers below. 

Who is Lady Luck HQ?

Francine Maric, or Lady Luck HQ, is a marketing sales director who, in her free time, likes to visit local casinos and spin the reels. Currently, she is running her YouTube channel with her husband Miran, and they produce videos of her playing slots in Las Vegas or any other land-based casino they come across.

Most of the time, you will see her play at the high roller slots and jackpots.

The first video they uploaded on the Lady Luck HQ channel, back in February 2018, was of Francine playing a penny slot at a casino and winning a few thousand dollars. In that video, we can also see where they came up with the channel’s name. Right at the end of the 30-second video, Miran says that his wife is Lady Luck herself.

Fast forward to today, Lady Luck HQ has hundreds of thousands of followers across all social media. For about 3 years, their charismatic and funny personalities have brought them an eager audience to watch their videos and live streams.

Her Rise on Social Media

Before we get into her YouTube videos and live streams, it is important to include her social media activity. Many know that to get famous or trending on YouTube, you have to have active social media accounts where you will promote your content.

While Lady Luck HQ might have started on YouTube, she has also pumped up her Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok numbers.

Facebook is where Francine reposts her content from YouTube and occasionally live streams. Recently, she has been sitting down in her home and playing online slots. Most of her live streams on Facebook are about an hour-long, with thousands of people watching.

On the other hand, Instagram is solely a place where she posts pictures and reveals more about her personal life or promotes her YouTube and Facebook videos.

Lastly, Lady Luck HQ is also heavily active on TikTok. This is probably the perfect platform for Francine because of her playful and smiley personality.

Millions of Views on YouTube

Since Francine and her husband started posting on the Lady Luck HQ YouTube channel, they have managed to get 236,000 subscribers. For more than 4 years, they have been posting 1 video daily. Over the years, they have managed to get over 130 million views.

The couple has come a long way. From taking videos on their phone and posting 30-second or 2-minute long ones, they have grown to upgrading their gadgets and thus providing longer videos for their fans.

What separates Lady Luck HQ from all the other gambling influencers or streamers is that she also posts videos where she doesn’t win. This shows her followers that playing casino games or slots in her situation can have ups and downs.

If you like to read more about Lady Luck and other gambling influencers, check out this list at CasinosHub and see how they work.

Final Thoughts

In the past year, every major or minor gambling influencer has taken some backlash from people online that they are promoting gambling. 

Now, it is true that online casino sites and land-based casinos do give brand deals to influencers to boost their image. However, every YouTuber or streamer who does take the deals always includes a disclaimer or highly advises their audience to play with money they can afford to lose.

In the case of Lady Luck HQ, she is continuing to grow her following whether on YouTube, Facebook, or other social media. It is rare to see a happy and friendly couple in the online streaming gambling scene. That is perhaps the main reason why this channel is unique and fun to watch for thousands of people.