Why Dating Apps Are Still The Best Way To Find Relationships Online

Why Dating Apps Are Still The Best Way To Find Relationships Online
Photo by Jonathan Leppan

Dating apps and sites are increasingly changing relationships! Whether we love them or not, using dating apps is progressively becoming the new norm in the dating scene. Dating apps seem to be the best thing that happened to singles, given that we are witnessing more and more people utilizing them. It started with Match.com in 1996, and today we have numerous dating apps. More than 10% of American adults who identify themselves as “single and searching” use these apps. Some preliminary studies show that heterosexual couples in the US are now more likely to find romantic partners via dating apps than through personal connections and contacts.

Online vs Traditional

Before telling you why dating apps are the most popular way to find relationships online, let’s talk about the differences between traditional and online dating.

Traditional dating Online dating
Requires constant meetings to get to know your partner better. You don’t need regular physical meetings.
Access to a limited number of potential partners. Access to a vast number of potential partners.
You don’t have room to test the personality of your potential partner. Offers different personality testing approaches.
You rely on traditional methods of communication. You have many ways to communicate and know your partner before the meeting.
No misrepresentation The risk of someone misrepresenting themselves is high.

Now we know how traditional dating varies from online dating, and apparently, it seems that online dating is much better. However, one can look for partners online either on websites or in the apps. Apps are becoming a must-have for any organization. For example, casino organizations are using increasing adapting apps for their games. Today, you can access credit card slots through apps. People are used to apps, and it isn’t different for relationships. Just a few clicks and you are in a relationship! So, why are dating apps so great?

  1. They are speedy and seamless

    Most of us today are on our mobile devices, and we can easily access them at any time. Therefore, you can seamlessly meet and communicate with your partner anytime, anywhere. Moreover, apps work faster than websites because your data is stored locally. This is unlike dating sites, where it may take some seconds to fetch data from a server. This means that your dating experience using apps will be great.
  2. You don’t need to be connected to the network to access dating apps.

    If you don’t have access to a network, you can still access a dating app. It would help if you had a single tap on the app icon to have it launched on your mobile device. While you may not be able to see the latest information, you may be able to access stored information without an internet connection. For example, suppose you did not understand what your partner said in your last conversation. In that case, you can go back later and reread it to understand better and even evaluate the kind of person you are dating.
  3. Increased safety

    As mentioned earlier, apps store information locally. However, websites store information on the servers offered by third parties. In particular, websites store IP address information, which hackers could easily access. For this reason, apps protect your personal data better than websites do. Individuals interested in online dating prefer apps due to increased security.

Final Word

Online dating is the new norm. More and more people are finding their soulmates here. Choosing between sites or apps, many people prefer the last ones due to all the advantages mentioned above. The move toward using apps is not limited to dating. Businesses, including those in the gaming industry, quickly adopt apps as part of their strategy.