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Why Conventionally Attractive White Men Often Get Away With Bad Behavior in Hollywood: Experts Share Insights and Solutions

– Despite the #MeToo movement and efforts to hold powerful men accountable for their abusive behavior, many conventionally attractive white men in Hollywood are still able to avoid consequences for their actions.
– Psychological factors, such as the “what is beautiful is good” hypothesis and the attraction-leniency effect, often allow people to forgive or punish attractive and high-status individuals less harshly for their mistakes or abusive behavior.
– Gender biases also play a key factor in perpetuating this issue, with men often automatically afforded a higher status than women or non-binary individuals, and survivors of abuse may not be believed or may question their own reality because it disagrees with public perception. Nonetheless, it is still possible to hold men accountable for their actions despite these obstacles.

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The #MeToo movement promised to hold perpetrators of abuse accountable, regardless of their status or power. And while the movement has made progress, it’s also highlighted the fact that white, male celebrities with conventional attractiveness and elevated status often get away with inappropriate or abusive behavior. These celebrities are often seen as “America’s boyfriends” or “celebrity crushes,” which can make it easy for us to overlook their bad behavior.

Psychological theories like the “what is beautiful is good” hypothesis and the attraction-leniency effect explain why people are often more likely to forgive or punish conventionally attractive people with higher status less harshly. This is particularly true for men, who are automatically afforded higher status than femme and nonbinary people. Gender biases play a significant role in perpetuating these issues by ignoring warning signs and small actions that give men permission to harm others.

Despite the allegations against them, several white, male celebrities who have acted badly continue to be upheld as Hollywood’s elite. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are both examples of celebrities who have faced accusations of abusive behavior but have continued to thrive in their careers. This pattern of minimizing or ignoring the actions of beloved public figures can silence survivors and make it difficult for them to be believed.

It’s possible to hold these men accountable for their actions, despite the barriers of power, wealth, and status. Holding people accountable requires a change in public opinion and legal systems. As we continue to have conversations about these issues and support survivors, we can work towards creating a world where everyone is held accountable for their actions.

Harper Jones
Harper Jones
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