Why Ancestry® Makes an Ideal Mother’s Day Gift for Moms Starting a Family

– Ancestry is an ideal Mother’s Day gift for any mom in your life, as it helps learn more about family history and cultural background.
– AncestryDNA enables individuals to discover their lineage and traits rooted in different parts of the world, and personalize their parenting by incorporating their history and ancestors’ journey into their children’s upbringing.
– Ancestry offers an interactive family tree and billions of records, providing a history of life, family, and culture that makes it a gift that keeps on giving.

Full Story

As expectant parents Marcel and Anastacia Kasmer prepare to welcome twins to their family, they turned to Ancestry® to discover more about their heritage. The couple comes from tight-knit families and have been married for over 40 years. The news of twins on the way led them to seek more knowledge about their backgrounds. Anastacia wanted to better understand her family history and DNA makeup, particularly as she grew up in a multiethnic family.

Using AncestryDNA®, Anastacia discovered that her heritage stems from the Northern Philippines on her maternal side and Western Africa and Western Europe on her paternal side. As a mom-to-be, she found it crucial to learn more about her culture to ensure her children remain connected to their ancestry. The platform also gave her insights into the mothers in her lineage. The discovery of an image of her great-grandmother, Brigida Novela, helped Anastacia understand the strength and resilience of the women in her family and how their stories can shape the way she parents her children.

As their family expands, the couple incorporates their family history and legacy into raising their children. They’ve decorated the twins’ nursery with a gallery wall filled with ancestors’ photos and other historical documents found through Ancestry. As Mother’s Day approaches, the couple has suggested gifting the moms in our lives with Ancestry Gift Memberships. The platform offers a way for families to create an interactive family tree, access billions of records around the world and provide a history to one’s life, family, and culture.

By giving someone an AncestryDNA test and Membership, we’re giving them a deeper understanding of their identity and access to their cultural history. Marcel and Anastacia recommend gifting AncestryDNA alongside a few other thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts that would complement this present. Suppose like them, individuals seek to incorporate their family legacies in their lives, in that case, AncestryDNA and Membership are ideal gifts to give those who want to stay connected to their ancestry.