Who is Harry Styles Dating Now? Biography, Personal Life, and More


Harry Styles showed a love for music and a talent for singing from an early age

When British popstar Harry Styles came onto the music scene in 2010, he first appeared as one of the five members of the hit pop band, One Direction. However, at the time, both the industry and its followers had no idea how the singer would dramatically transform music while creating a fan base unlike any other. Currently, he is not only a household name, but an extremely talented performer that lights up every stage he steps onto.

Since entering the spotlight, the artist has been linked to dozens of fellow celebrities, sometimes for more than a year, and other times for several months. Even after over a decade of stardom, Harry Styles continues to prove he is a force to be reckoned with in every aspect. Let’s take a look at the singer’s life as well as his juicy relationship details from over the years.


Born in the English county of Worcestershire, it was clear from early on that Harry Styles would one day become a famous singer. From practicing on karaoke machines to forming his own small band in high school in which he was the lead singer, his gift was obvious to everyone who watched him perform. Styles got his big break on the hit talent show, The X Factor, when he was placed in a group of four other singers vying for victory. These men were none other than Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan, or the founding members of what would soon be the world-famous group One Direction.

Shortly after leaving the show, the band signed a record deal and quickly got to work. It isn’t an exaggeration to say their debut single, “What Makes You Beautiful” was one of the most successful hits by a pop group in music history. One Direction became an international sensation overnight, and Styles gained not only as a talented singer but a songwriter on many tracks as well. The band enjoyed mega successes for nearly a decade, but in 2017 Styles decided to go his own way and leave the group for a solo career, as did other members like Zayn Malik. Harry even tried his hand at acting, with leading roles in films like Dunkirk and Don’t Worry Darling.

Nowadays Styles is still managing to make waves in both the music and modeling industries, having been featured as the cover man for major magazines like Vogue, Variety, and GQ among others. He often appears on talk shows where he likes to discuss things like his relationships (more on this later) and his tattoos (he has a whopping 60). In his free time he’s been known to enjoy reading, practicing tennis, and even playing roulette in glamorous gaming centers. At the height of his fame, he was spotted at a Perth-based casino playing the game in its European version which features an additional green zero that is most common in Australia. In fact, he even made his love of casino gaming permanent with a tattoo that reads “17 Black,” a reference to the famous winning bet of James Bond in the series’ blockbuster hit Diamonds are Forever. He also has a huge interest in fashion and is well-known for his diverse wardrobe and evolving sense of style that is catwalk-level admirable. The bottom line here is that there’s nothing this multitalented celeb can’t do.


During their prime, One Direction fans sold out practically every single show the band played in

Who has Harry Styles Dated?

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Harry Style’s love life history. From his X factor days to now, the singer has been rumoured to have had relationships with many fellow stars in the industry. Some of these include supermodel and entrepreneur Kendall Jenner and fellow musician Taylor Swift. Other short-term bonds were had with Victoria’s Secret models Sara Sampaoi, blogger/author Tess Ward, and New Zealand-native, Georgia Fowler.

More recently in 2017, Styles was in a relationship with another VS model, Camille Rowe, but they ended up going their separate ways after a little over a year together. He’s currently seeing Olivia Wilde and, by the looks of it, the duo are pretty serious. In fact, there’s already been rumours of a wedding in the near future. Although the couple share an age difference of ten years, it seems that Harry is happier than he’s ever been. Big things are in store for the duo and fans should keep their eyes peeled for wedding bell announcements coming soon.