Who is Brad Pitt Dating Now?

Pitt has been a Hollywood heartthrob for what seems like forever and part of his appeal is that, every now and again, he becomes available, having seen relationships come and go as quickly as the slot reels did on the set of the Ocean’s movies.

Here are some of the beautiful women he has been rumored to be romantically connected to in recent months.


Even his wax model can melt the hearts of movie goers anywhere in the world

Nicole Poturalski – Playing Games of the Heart

Having been married to Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, Pitt’s most recent foray on the dating scene has reportedly been Nicole Poturalski, who is in an open marriage with French restaurant impresario, Roland Mary.

Although the game of cat and mouse between the two was put to bed before the festive season, there is no doubt that Pitt was using the charm always on show in his smoothest movie appearances, be it strolling the hallways of Las Vegas casinos in Ocean’s 11 or in similar gaming surrounds in Killing Them Softly. While Pitt is no stranger to rolling the dice or being offered endless complementary freebies due to him playing game-based acting roles, it seems as though the incentives for him to continue with this little love game were still not quite enough to keep him interested.


Angelina Jolie was Pitt’s very own goddess from 2014 till 2019, whilst he was previously married to Jennifer Aniston from 2000 till 2005

Alia Shawkat – Playing the Friends Card

If you thought that all that turns Pitt’s head are super models and A-list actresses, then think again because Alia Shawkat brought a touch of sophisticated geek chic to Pitt’s extensive dating résumé.

Although most celebrity observers are pretty sure the pair were an item for part of 2019 and 2020, Shawkat insists that they were just friends. It remains to be seen if this was friends with benefits, or if they genuinely did just play online games together and watch back their old movies.

Neri Oxman – MIT Professor

There has never been any doubting that Pitt has a brain to pair with his handsome looks, and so it comes as no surprise that he attracts women who are known more for their smarts than how they look in a bikini on TikTok.

Neri Oxman, however, is a rare synergy of both, studying material ecology at MIT during the day and beguiling men like Brad Pitt at night.

Once again, it is a closely guarded secret as to whether the two actually dated, but as Oxman probably understands better than most, there is no smoke without fire.