What casino games do celebrities enjoy?


Like any other person, celebrities have different hobbies that are not necessarily related to their on-screen careers. Among these hobbies, gambling is a recurring subject for some of them.

Let’s see what stars like gambling and their game of choice.

Why films and gambling go hand in hand

Casino games and famous movies usually benefit one another for multiple reasons. One is that some celebrities enjoy gambling sometimes. Another is that many movies and tv shows feature games of chance as a central subject or as a secondary topic that drives parts of the story.

On the other side, casinos have slot machine themes based on popular tv shows or movies. Those games of chance include reels with characters from the show trying to be as truthful as possible to the topic. If a series enjoys widespread popularity, it may very well have its own slots game.

Overall, gambling will always fascinate people, making it a worthwhile topic for artistic endeavours. This, coupled with how some stars always find themselves in casinos, makes gambling and movies go hand in hand.

Popular casino games among celebrities

The game of chance can differ depending on the celebrity since everyone has their preferences. Some are just casual gamers, and others got in over their heads. Although each individual plays for different reasons, they all enjoy taking risks.


Among all known gambling options, poker is the most played by celebrities. Some are good at the game, and a few are incredibly talented.

Jenifer Tilly must be our first mention since she shifted from acting to pro poker. Tilly even acquired a World Series of Poker bracelet by beating 600 other players during a tournament.

Other big names that take part in poker matches are Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nelly, Jason Alexander, Allen Iverson, and renewed swimmer Michael Phelps.

Shannon Elizabeth is another star who managed to make a second career out of poker. She is best known for acting in American Pie. Although gambling wise Elizabeth’s not as famous, she managed to earn around $80000 from poker.

Stars with poker gambling issues

Two big names that apparently struggled with gambling addiction due to poker are Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck.

Better known for his role as Spider-Man, Maguire took lessons from the poker sensation Daniel Negreanu. The insight he acquired did not go unnoticed since some pro players stated that he has the talent to become a professional. It is estimated that he earned over $10 million in private Hollywood matches.

Like Maguire, Ben Affleck also made a name for himself in the poker scene. In 2004 he entered a tournament surpassing 90 other competitors and left with over $350000.


Some stars that enjoy poker have also played Blackjack, and others only indulge in this game. Among the stars the have been seen participating in matches are Sean “Diddy” Combs, Tiger Woods, Paris Hilton, and Jay-Z.

Jenifer Tilly, the poker pro, also enjoys Blackjack from time to time. Ben Affleck also turns to this game sometimes. Affleck even managed to acquire an $800000 victory in one session at one point.

Apart from those, two NBA superstars play blackjack from time to time, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley.


Compared to Blackjack and poker, not that many celebrities enjoy Baccarat. This is probably because this game has diminished in popularity in the western world. However, in Asian countries, it remains one of the most popular casino competitions.

Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, was a knows Baccarat enthusiast. For this reason, he also introduced the game into his 1953 novel Casino Royale.

A music industry legend known as the Empress of Soul enjoyed Baccarat a little too much. We are, of course, referring to Gladys Knight. According to her own words, she struggled with gambling addiction during the 1980s. Around this time, Knight lost somewhere around $60000 in only one night.


The emblematic gambling game is apparently preferred mainly by athletes than any other industry with celebrities. There are two big names from sports that appreciate the legendary wheel.

Tiger Woods, the famous golfer and Charles Barkley, the retired basketball star, have participated in high-roller Roulette events from Las Vegas.


The gambling fan favourite game is also popular among several celebs. Some big names play slots like Partis Hilton, Usain Bolt and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Out of them, the most renowned slot enthusiast is Pamela Anderson. She’s also featured in an online slot machine centred around the Baywatch series.


Playing craps may not be as emblematic for gambling as the other games. But it’s indeed an endeavour of chance featured in most online and offline casinos.

Among the famous individuals that have been seen playing craps are Ray Romano, Michal Jordan and even the former presidential candidate John McCain.