Vinnie Jones Becomes First Celebrity Dealer

Vinnie Jones Becomes First Celebrity Dealer
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Real Dealer Studios is known to experiment and be innovative in the creation of its online casino gaming experience, as they live by one motto – “It is not live, it is real”. So, they have taken things up a notch in terms of the host for their games.

Up until now, the games created by Real Dealer Studios were hosted by several relatively unknown hosts, with some of the most notable titles being Fortune Finder with Holly, as well as Baccarat with Satari or Tomas.

You will be delighted to know that all this has changed since the company announced that celebrity footballer and part-time actor Vinnie Jones will be the new host. He will surely bring his intriguing and well-known personality for table and online roulette games. So, are you up for a thrilling round of Blackjack with Vinnie?

Vinnie Jones is expected to be in Real Dealer Studios’ head office in the coming weeks to shoot every possible scene that could happen when punters play a game with him. He will then code the segments of the game to correspond with the randomly generated results of the particular game, after which every eventuality will be designed by the studio production editors.

The final product is expected to be stunning, with you having the chance to play your favourite table and roulette games with Jones in an eye-catching environment.

Real Dealer Studios is excited for this partnership, as it can be seen from their statement, where they say that they fully expect Jones to bring his charisma to several titles, including the roulette and blackjack games.

The company says that this is its most exciting endeavour yet, and they urge the punters to be on the lookout for several Real Dealer titles that Vinnie Jones will host. All these titles will be available exclusively on the Games Global platform in the coming months.

What is so exciting about Real Dealer and its titles is that they combine RNG table games with lovely cinematography, which creates a tremendous one-to-one gameplay experience. There are more than enough titles you can choose from, and they include roulette, blackjack, as well as Spanish-language games with some holiday-specific titles.

Shane Cotter, who is the Chief Product Officer in Real Dealer Studios, says that this is an inspiring time for the company, and they cannot wait to welcome Vinnie Jones to their team.

Real Dealer Studios create plenty of games, and they are pretty easy to spot in any online casino. It doesn’t matter whether you look for blackjack, roulette, a money wheel, baccarat, or something else – Real Dealer Studios has it all.

So, just imagine all these games being hosted by a lively character like Vinnie Jones – you are sure to get immersive gameplay and an online casino experience that cannot be matched in any other place. We cannot wait for the filming process to end and to see the final product.