Vine Star Tristan Simmonds Announces Starting Testosterone After Coming Out as Transgender

– Tristan Simmonds, a social media star known for his viral Vine video, has given an update on his transgender journey.
– His testosterone prescription has been approved and he is preparing to start his transition soon.
– Simmonds is grateful for the support of his friends and family and encourages others to be true to themselves.

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Tristan Simmonds, the social media star known for his viral Vine video “I’m in me mums car!” in 2014, is embarking on a new chapter in his life. After coming out as transgender in a YouTube video almost two years ago, Simmonds recently shared an important update on his transition journey. The 26-year-old announced on Twitter that his testosterone prescription had been approved and signed by his doctor, and he expressed excitement to finally start his journey towards living as the man he truly is. Simmonds thanked his friends and family for their support throughout his trans journey.

In his YouTube video, Simmonds spoke about his relief in coming out to his parents and their unwavering support. He explained that he is a boy trapped in a girl’s body and expressed his desire to undergo the necessary changes to become happier in himself. Simmonds has been documenting his transition journey on Instagram, showcasing his new hairstyle and officially changing his legal name in January 2022.

While Simmonds has encountered some negativity, he remains proud of who he is and refuses to let the haters affect him. On Twitter, he asserted that he doesn’t care about people’s opinions and expressed gratitude to those who support his journey. Simmonds encouraged individuals who haven’t come out yet to embrace their true selves and emphasized the importance of being proud and happy.

Simmonds rose to fame on Vine in 2014 with his humorous car video and has since expanded his social media career to different platforms. He fondly remembered Vine’s closure in 2021 and expressed his gratitude for the platform where it all began. As Simmonds continues to share his journey with his followers, he remains focused on being true to himself and inspiring others to do the same.