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Unusual Hobbies of Famous Celebrities

Unusual Hobbies of Famous Celebrities
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In today’s online-enabled world, there are endless activities for people to enjoy. Free time can be shared between reading one’s favourite book, accessing an online casino game such as the Immortal Romance Irish slot, or even watching a horror movie. However, some people are prone to more unusual hobbies, including celebrities. Here are some celebrities who you may not expected to have unusual hobbies.

Kendall Jenner: Bird calling

It’s no secret that the Kardashians like to keep bus‌y, especially 27-year-old, Kendall Jenner. The model and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star doesn’t just spend her time owning the runway. In fact, the star has a little bit more than catwalks and posing up her sleeve! The model revealed that she has a secret talent – bird calling. Jenner revealed her hidden talent in the September issue of Vogue’s video series, 73 Questions,  where she recalled being able to recreate a bird’s call.

Paris Hilton: Frog hunting and vintage radio restoring

American businesswoman and model, Paris Hilton, has a few unusual hobbies that keep her entertained. Coming from an incredibly wealthy family and in the limelight since she was young, the star has lived a life full of riches since she was born. However, it turns out that Paris Hilton has a lot of fun collecting frogs and releasing them back into the wild. The star even enjoys restoring vintage radios – there have even been rumours that she has been seen at antique shows trying to get her hands on some fun collectables to restore.

Katy Perry: Collecting other celebrities’ hair

‌Singer Katy Perry probably has one of the most unusual hobbies on our list. In a routine Q&A session for her fourth studio album, Prism, a fan asked her what was in her purse. Perry then answered that she was carrying a strand of hair from both Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus which she had collected at the Grammys. She even admitted to putting bows on them for decoration. We know, we are just as taken aback as you are!

Taylor Swift: Making snow globes

Want to know how Taylor Swift gets into the Christmas spirit? Easy – she makes snow globes, of course! The singer once took to Instagram to post a photo of eight festive jars on her feed with the caption, “Homemade snow globes with friends. The whole fleet!” The singer also included a close-up of the globes inside which were filled with Christmas trees and angels, calling them “Christmas in a jar, with glitter.” Just when we thought she couldn’t get any more enchanting!

Angelina Jolie: Collecting Daggers

Angelina Jolie has quite the resume, probably one of the best in Hollywood. Among being an Academy Award-winning and Golden Globe-winning actress, she is also a producer, director and screenwriter. When Jolie is away from the big screen, she’s a Special Envoy for the United Nations, High Commissioner for Refugees and a humanitarian. To add to her list, she is also a fan of collecting knives. She possesses many handmade butterfly knives, also called Balisongs, by Darrel Ralph – some of them are worth well over $20,000.


Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that celebrities live normal, everyday lives outside of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. However, as we have learned, many of them have very interesting and unique hobbies. Do you have an unusual hobby? If not yet, maybe this article will inspire you to pick up a new, somewhat unusal hobby.

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