UnPrisoned Star Marque Richardson Talks Imposter Syndrome and His Healing Role in New Hulu Series

– Marque Richardson almost turned down his role in “UnPrisoned” due to imposter syndrome, but ultimately decided to take the opportunity.
– The actor was drawn to the show’s scripts and the opportunity to portray a character who taught him a lot about himself.
– Richardson’s dream role is a sci-fi, suspense, fantasy satire fusion, and his go-to drink order is tequila.

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Marque Richardson, known for his role in Netflix’s “Dear White People,” almost let imposter syndrome talk him out of starring in his new show, “UnPrisoned,” which also stars Kerry Washington and Delroy Lindo. However, Richardson jumped at the opportunity to star in the series, which was created by Tracy McMillan and follows a single mother’s life after her father is released from prison. In “UnPrisoned,” Richardson plays Mal, the protagonist’s short-term boyfriend and Edwin’s friendly parole officer. Despite finding success on TV, Richardson wasn’t sure if he had what it took to join a show that had such a stacked cast and impressive production team.

“UnPrisoned” covers topics that are rarely discussed in society, notes Richardson. The show tells the story of somebody coming home and reconnecting after being incarcerated, portraying the lifetime effect that has on a family and how one has to be compassionate and understanding. Richardson says the script was really good, which is unusual compared to the amount of trash scripts he has read in the past. The series sheds light on the complexity of humanity and tells its story in a light, funny, provocative, sexy way. Richardson appreciated how aware his character, Mal, was of himself and his ability to meet people where they are. Mal’s character taught Richardson so much about himself, and he was pleasantly surprised to see the healing side of the Black man through Mal.

If “UnPrisoned” gets renewed for a second season, Richardson says he looks forward to seeing Mal navigate post-breakup life following his emotional split with Paige in the finale. Richardson adds that he would like to see a complex side of Mal if he doesn’t get back together with Paige. Richardson and his wife, Tiffany Boone, who is also an actor, got married recently. When asked about his go-to drink order, Richardson replied, “Tequila, just straight tequila.” His favorite vacation spot is any place in Mexico with a beach, and he is currently working on creating his dream role – a sci-fi, suspense, fantasy satire fusion. Richardson’s biggest life lesson while filming “UnPrisoned” was that humanity is complex and acceptance is the way, and he hopes his character runs away from danger in season two.