Top Casino to Visit in South America

Top Casino to Visit in South America
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Las Vegas might be the first destination on your bucket list when you consider glamorous casino nights. However, there’s a whole casino realm in South America that’s waiting to be explored.

If you’re up for a unique gambling experience, make sure to check our top picks for the best casinos in Latin America.

Trilenium Casino in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Trilenium casino resort is located in the heart of Argentina, Buenos Aires. The special blue façade hides an extravagant interior. Trilenium is one of the biggest casino buildings on the South American continent. The interior is over 22,000 square meters filled with various gambling activities divided into three floors.

At Trilenium, you will find close to 2,000 gaming machines, including slots and different types of poker games. Moreover, the entertainment isn’t just casino games. Shows and special events will delight the senses. During your visit be sure to try out the amazingly delicious dining options available.

City Center Rosario in Santa Fe, Argentina

While in Argentina, don’t forget to check out Santa Fe. The marvel of a Casino City Center Rosario isn’t to be missed. There are over 3,000 slot machines with different themes and bonus rewards. Apart from slots, this 5-star hotel and casino provides a luxurious experience for visitors. Casino City Center Rosario offers many restaurants, a shopping mall where you can take a break from gaming, and a bingo hall to change things up. There is even a ballroom that can be rented for your special event. Lionel Messi had his wedding reception at City Center Rosario. That speaks volumes about the unforgettable experience you’re bound to have.

Atlantic City Casino in Lima, Peru

Peru is a must-visit destination for casino fans. Many aficionados consider it to be the country with the best casinos in South America. The capital of Lima is host to the Atlantic City Casino. A facility that typifies the glamorous casinos in Peru. It is one of the most visited brick-and-mortar casinos in South America.

People choose Atlantic City Casino not only due to the excellent casino experience but also the overall atmosphere. Most players are overly friendly, which complements the staff’s mood. You will also find the ever-famous Lima’s street food in your surroundings.

Gávea Hippodrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Travelers who are horse racing fanatics will fit in perfectly at this casino in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The country’s expansion of brick-and-mortar based casinos reached its peak with the Hippodrome. A facility that offers many amenities for casino lovers. Gávea Hippodrome is close to the world famous Ipanema beach. It is the perfect location for those who want to get a little bit of sunshine during the day and enjoy the tables at night.

The resort is known for its free entry, as it gives you access to lots of slot machines and different tables. When it’s time for a gaming break, you can head to the cocktail bar to elevate your mood even higher.

Monticello Grand Casino in Santiago, Chile

The southern part of Santiago, Chile’s capital, hides an impressive world of entertainment. If you find yourself in Chile, it’s definitely an area worth exploring. It is here that you will find the Monticello Grand Casino. A facility that holds the title as Latin America’s largest casino resort. Monticello promises a memorable and thrilling gaming experience to all its visitors.

Aside from the gambling, visitors can enjoy delicious food, fun activities, and spectacular live shows. Some entertainers that have graced the stages of the Monticello Grand Casino include Fonsi, Isabel Pantoja, and many other big impressive performers.

Ocean Sun Casino in Panamá, Panama

Ocean Sun is a compelling casino you should consider visiting while in Panama. The casino takes up 3 floors of a 70-story building, and the breathtaking view of the Panama bay will put a smile on your face, even if your gambling plans didn’t go as intended.

The 600 slot machines and more than 40 tables provide a fun time, while sports bettors can always check the latest results at Ocean Sun. If it’s your lucky day and you win big, you’ll get the privilege to stay at one of the presidential suites.


South America is filled with an abundance of casinos, casino resorts, and hotel casinos open to the public from all over the world. Whether you are a skilled or new player, these casinos will provide an extraordinary experience.

What’s more, these gaming establishments offer services that are outside the gambling boundaries. Depending on your choice, you can enjoy spa treatments, try out delicious menus, and absorb the breathtaking surroundings while spinning the reel machines.