TOP 5 Online Races

Photo by Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash

Racing is one of the most popular genres of computer games. It is difficult to find children and adults who at least once didn’t go for a ride with the breeze along virtual tracks and overtake several dozen rivals.

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Burnin Rubber 5 XS

It is a popular racing simulator with high-quality graphics, simple controls, and shooting elements. At the beginning of the game, the user needs to select a car and additional tools that can be used to eliminate competitors on the track. For example, other racers can be shot at and prevented from getting ahead.

At the same time, do not forget that the remaining opponents are also armed and will attack. Not to fly off the route, it is important to carefully consider the position on the track and quickly respond to attacks.

The duration of the race is three laps. To win during this time, you need to dodge shelling and collect the offered bonuses.

ATV Cruise

Do you love quad biking? Then, these online survival races are just for you.

Many levels, high speed, unexpected turns, and various bonuses — all this and much more awaits players. An important feature of the gameplay is the ability to stop and return to the passed sections to collect the missed resources.

Don’t forget about obstacles. Among them are barrels of fuel that are easy to hit. They quickly ignite and can lead to the death of the protagonist.

Monster Truck Driving

One of the most entertaining games for truck fans. The project was not only liked by gamers but also received high marks from representatives of specialized media.

The main feature of these games is the two-axis control mechanics. The high power of the transport makes it easy to control one of the available axles and maneuver around the territory as efficiently as possible.

Overtaking, jumping, and spectacular landings on the road are just some of the components of the gameplay that will give an unforgettable experience.

Motorbike Beach Fighter 3D

Motorcycle racing is another popular representative of this genre. If you are looking for an unusual motorcycle simulator, pay attention to this game.

Here, the gamer doesn’t need to compete with other racers, boringly overcoming lap after lap. The project offers the user to complete a variety of quests: deliver goods, jump, and ride around the locations you like without restrictions. Choose from three modes and enjoy an original and addictive game.

Water Boat Games

If you are tired of the usual road races, go to conquer the water element. The developers have prepared for users a wide range of functionality, colorful graphics, various game modes, and the possibility to personalize a jet ski.

The main task of the protagonist is to win tournaments. They are organized according to the principles of classic racing. Here, you should overcome the tracks and overtake rivals. Despite the similarities to most games, jet ski racing will give gamers a lot of fun due to the need to glide on the waves instead of the usual asphalt.