Top 15 Best Granite Cleaners in 2021

Top 15 Best Granite Cleaners in 2021
Photo by Shyam on Unsplash

The best granite cleaner will help you maintain the original granite look when you want a truly elegant kitchen design. The granite surface is not only beautiful but also a pretentious material to look for.

Granite requires a special kind of cleaning, so there should be no surprise for you to look for special cleaners and maintenance solutions to keep the fresh aspect of it.

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Once you have a simple guideline, such as the one I provided down below, you will start using the best granite cleaner good for housekeeping.

Incidental conveniences can happen daily, such as dropping some hot oil on the granite countertops or putting some moisture into the marble. During food preparations and daily activity, granite might lose its natural shine, as well as its first smoothness.

If you don’t want this to happen, you should start researching the top granite cleaners for tough stains.

Luckily, I have selected the best granite cleaners on the market, so you can make an idea of how to make wise purchases. You will have all the information you need, with pros, cons, and experience with all the products.

What Is Granite and How to Properly Clean it?

Before anything else, you should know that granite is a very compact rock that contains feldspar, quartz, and mica. Not very long ago, it was considered a very luxurious material to use, but it’s becoming more and more popular.

It is a natural compound that offers durable and beautiful solutions for your countertops. However, since it is a porous material, it needs proper cleaning because it can collect bacteria.

To ensure you have a healthy environment, you will need to clean it several times each week, polish it every month and seal it annually.

You need to remember that using good products will increase the life of your granite countertops. Therefore, read this article carefully and learn which are the best cleaners and how to choose them.

Tips in Cleaning Your Granite Surfaces

You can quickly realize the granite that appears in almost all houses. It looks great and has a longer life expectancy than other surfaces. However, cleaning it is quite challenging; I think it is better to provide you with some tips when cleaning it to maintain its shiny surface.

  • Make sure your granite surfaces are sealed to avoid the colored liquid that can create stains and absorb them to reduce their durability and excellent appearance. You can check your granite surfaces, whether sealed or unsealed, by pouring water onto them; it will bead on these surfaces and stay for a few minutes; if the granite adopts it, you will need to reseal your granite.
  • Get rid of dust before you wipe granite with cleaners, and keep in mind using a non-abrasive cleaner to protect the surfaces from scratching and damage.
  • Never use lemon, vinegar, harsh cleaner, and baking soda on these granite surfaces since they can destroy them over time.
  • You have to use a soft and clean damp towel to wipe messes immediately. This will help you avoid risks of your granite being unsealed and clean new spills promptly.
  • You should spend little time in your day cleaning granite surfaces since this will keep them in good condition.
  • If your granite surfaces need to disinfect, you had better use isopropyl alcohol diluting with water at a rate of 50-50 instead of using bleach and harsh chemicals. After spraying it on them, you need to leave it to stay for several minutes and wipe the liquid off later.
  • Suppose there is any problem with your granite surfaces, don’t try to repair them. Let’s contact professionals to refinish and fix them as necessary.

What Is the Best Granite Cleaner?

The Weiman and Black Diamond Stoneworks will bring you shiny and sparkly granite surfaces without any effort. They can get rid of various stains on granite and restore them to the existing appearance.

Moreover, the cleaners of Better Life are so famous since they are made of 100% natural-planted, they are safe for you, kids, pets, and the environment.

Are you looking for the best opinion about one of the selected products today? Maybe you should have a look at these highlights of the best granite cleaners.

  • Best Overall: Weiman Daily Clean and Shine Granite Cleaner
    “With a balanced pH, this cleaner removes all the stains, while also offering a great shine to granite.”
  • Best Budget: Granite Gold Streak-Free Granite Cleaner
    “You can use this cleaner on every type of surface, not only granite, and it does the best job. With great polishing capacities, this cleaner can be acquired at a more than fair price.”
  • Best for Shine: TriNova Enhances Shine Granite Cleaner
    “You can use this granite cleaner even daily if needed and granite will shine like new. It will not leave any residue and will smell great.”
  • Best for Hard Water Stains: StoneTech Revitalizer Protector Granite Cleaner
    “If you think that you can’t clean watermarks ever again, that means you haven’t tried the cleaner from StoneTech.”
  • Best for Countertops: Sprayway SW702R Aerosol Granite Cleaner
    “The foam is very gentle, so you can use this cleaner even on the most sensitive countertops. This is a non-abrasive formula that will bring only good results.”
  • Best for Black Granite: Black Diamond Stoneworks Biobased Granite Cleaner
    “Black granite is very sensitive, but this cleaner doesn’t leave any traces behind. Moreso, it is strong enough to be used for commercial purposes.”
  • Best for Daily Use: Method Daily Apple Orchard Granite Cleaner
    “If you are looking for an eco-friendly surface cleaner, then you will be more than happy with the product produced by Method.”
  • Best for Quartz: Supreme Surface Ioseal Protectants Granite Cleaner
    “Best formula for precious countertops, such as the quartz. It cleans and protects, offering a great polish finish look.”
  • Best for Corian: Rock Doctor 18 Ounces Granite Cleaner
    “No oily stains anymore. You can use this cleaner daily now, and keep the countertops perfectly clean with ease.”
  • Best Natural: Better Life Pomegranate Grapefruit Granite Cleaner
    “This cleaner brings back the shine of the old surfaces. It is so easy to use that kids will know how to use it.”
  • Best for Worktops: Therapy Premium 16 Ounces Granite Cleaner
    “If you’ve tried to clean an old oil stain on your granite countertop and failed, then you should check out the cleaner from Therapy. It will clean it perfectly, but will also leave a great shine afterward.”
  • Best for Composite Sinks: Saltbox 16 Fluid Ounces Granite Cleaner
    “All you need to do is to spray it over the countertops, wipe everything off and enjoy the beautiful shine again.”
  • Best for Floors: Black Diamond Stoneworks 2 In 1 Granite Cleaner
    “Large capacity for commercial uses; pH neutral formula; doesn’t leave a streak after cleaning and can get rid of various stains.”
  • Best for Marble: Hope’s 22GR12 Ammonia-Free Granite Cleaner
    “This cleaner adds more shine to your surfaces with 2 moves. Use it and enjoy the results. All your family will love it.”
  • Best Convenient: Granite Gold Wipes 24 Counts Granite Cleaner
    “All food-safe, you can use these wipes because it is the easiest way to clean your countertops.”

Best Granite Cleaners Comparison Chart 2021

Usually, the best granite cleaner should feature certain blend features. Otherwise, you won’t get the strong cleaning power you are looking for. Of course, make sure you check the ease of use, as well as the ingredients.

Want to know how to clean granite countertops stains? First, have a look at the main characteristics of each product selected for today.

Weiman Daily Clean and Shine Granite Cleaner – Best Overall 2.25 x 4.25 x 11.25 1.68 pounds 24 oz Liquid
Granite Gold Streak-Free Granite Cleaner  – Best Budget 2 x 3.75 x 10.75 1.08 pounds 24 oz Liquid
TriNova Enhances Shine Granite Cleaner – Best for Shine 3.39 x 9.29 x 6.38 1.43 pounds 18 oz Liquid
StoneTech Revitalizer Protector Granite Cleaner – Best for Hard Water Stains 2.8 x 3.7 x 10 1.5 pounds 24 oz Liquid
Sprayway SW702R Aerosol Granite Cleaner – Best for Countertops 2.7 x 2.7 x 10 1.05 pounds 19 oz Liquid
Black Diamond Stoneworks Biobased Granite Cleaner – Best for Black Granite 4.5 x 2.5 x 10.5 2.2 pounds 32 oz Liquid
Method Daily Apple Orchard Granite Cleaner – Best for Daily Use 3 x 8.25 x 2.5 1 pounds 12 oz Liquid
Supreme Surface Ioseal Protectants Granite  – Best for Quartz 4 x 2 x 8.5 12 ounces 8 oz Liquid
Rock Doctor 18 Ounces Granite Cleaner – Best for Corian 3 x 1.5 x 4 1 pound 18 oz Liquid
Better Life Pomegranate GrapeFruit Granite Cleaner – Best Natural 2.75 x 2.75 x 8.5 2 pounds 16 oz Liquid
Therapy Premium 16 Ounces Granite Cleaner – Best for Worktops 9.5 x 6.2 x 2.8 1 pounds 16 oz Liquid
Saltbox 16 Fluid Ounces Granite Cleaner – Best for Composite Sinks 7.9 x 2.4 x 2.4 1.05 pounds 16 oz Liquid
Black Diamond Stoneworks 2 In 1 Granite Cleaner – Best for Floors 7 x 4.5 x 11 8.4 pounds 128 oz Liquid
Hope’s 22GR12 Ammonia-Free Granite Cleaner – Best for Marble 2.5 x 5 x 9.6 1.38 pounds 22 oz Liquid
Granite Gold Wipes 24 Counts Granite Cleaner – Best for Wipes 1 x 4.75 x 11 6.4 ounces 24 counts Wipes

Top 15 Best Granite Cleaners Reviews 2021

Here it is, the most expected part of this article. I wrote down the best granite cleaners’ pros, cons, and personal experience. Read them and find your favorite one.

1. Weiman Daily Clean and Shine Granite Cleaner

(Best Overall)

Are you looking for the best overall granite cleaner that can amplify the beauty of this material, as well as clean and bring back its shine? Then the Weiman might be the answer for you.

As such, start enhancing the natural beauty of stone surfaces directly at your home. The unique formula allows you to use it daily without corroding granite surfaces. You can eliminate diverse stains such as grease, water stains, or grime effortlessly.

You cannot see any streak after using this product on different stoneworks. Your granite will never discolor thanks to neutral pH concentration. This formula also enhances your granite to expose the patterns and esthetic natural veining in the granite.

Key features:

  • Specialized formula
  • Balanced pH
  • Protects your granite from discoloration and deteriorating
  • Upgrades the beauty of your granite


  • Best for granite, marble, laminate, tile, slate, quartz, vanities, etc.
  • Suitable for daily cleaning
  • Streak-free
  • Safely eliminate grime, grease, stains, and watermarks
  • Enhance and adds depth to the stone surfaces
  • Reveals the patterns and beauty of natural veining


  • Cannot remove scratches

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 2.25 x 4.25 x 11.25 inches
Weight 1.68 pounds
Capacity 24 oz
Packaging A spray bottle
Brand Weiman

Personal experience

Start bringing back the life of the old stone surfaces while also lifting dirt and grime away. This Weiman Granite Cleaner will make any surface look at its very best. This cleaner is also a great polisher, without leaving any streaks.

2. Granite Gold Streak-Free Granite Cleaner

(Best Budget)

The Granite Gold Clean and Shine product is an all-in-one formula that is going to clean everyday messes while also offering great protection for the countertops.

This product can tidy up and polish the granite surfaces simultaneously. Its packaging is a spray that is convenient for you to release liquid and wipes for sparkling surfaces. There is no streak behind after using because the streakless formula will ease your problems.

As long as natural stone surfaces, you can use this cleaner without worrying about corrosion and discoloration. You can be comfortable using it near the food zone since it is non-toxic and made of biodegradable ingredients for safe application.

Key features:

  • All-in-one product
  • Doesn’t contain ammonia and phosphates
  • Made in the USA
  • Can clean and polish granite at the same time


  • Usage for a wide range of places such as bathroom, kitchen and more
  • Safely cleans natural stone countertops
  • Great for everyday messes
  • Gentle, biodegradable formula
  • Simply spray and wipe
  • No rinsing


  • Never uses it on floors to avoid unwanted accidents

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 2 x 3.75 x 10.75 inches
Weight 1.08 pounds
Capacity 24 oz
Packaging A spray bottle
Brand Granite Gold

Personal experience

If you go with this cleaner, you will see that this formula is very gentle yet comes with a neutral pH to make the surfaces all safe to clean. The Granite Gold daily cleaner will also reinforce the granite countertop’s protection while being a ready-to-use cleaner.

3. TriNova Enhances Shine Granite Cleaner

(Best for Shine)

If you haven’t heard of Trinova Granite Cleaner, then let me tell you that this premium formula promises to offer a great shine to your granite countertops while also protecting them for a very long time.

The Trinova Stone Cleaner is strong enough to deal with common kitchen messes, even those tough stains. The cleaner leaves a mirror-like shine after wiping it away. After using it, you can feel a pleasant smell compared to other granite cleaners.

You can use this item on all stone surfaces, and the pH-balanced formula will never wear out granite sealer. You should use a soft towel to clean the granite surface to prevent it from scratching and maintain a shiny appearance.

Key features:

  • Adds smell in cleaning formula
  • Upgrades shiny look
  • pH-neutral
  • Can solve all common spills and messes


  • Designed for cleaning stone surfaces
  • Cleans without damaging
  • Enhances shine and leaves a beautiful shine after wiping away
  • No residue or haze after use
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Never use it in the bathroom or on the tub

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 3.39 x 9.29 x 6.38 inches
Weight 1.43 pounds
Capacity 18 oz
Packaging A spray bottle
Brand TriNova

Personal experience

I enjoyed the fact that this cleaner is very easy to use, in just 2 steps. You spray it onto the granite, premium stone, or marble. Then you take a microfiber towel and wipe clean with it. Last but not least, it’s time to admire the mirror-like shine.

4. StoneTech Revitalizer Protector Granite Cleaner

(Best for Hard Water Stains)

Water stains are the worst deal for a granite countertop cleaner, aren’t they? This StoneTech Granite Cleaner is also a great product to clean not only stone countertops but also slate, sandstone, and more. What such a perfect cleaner!

This item is an excellent choice for daily messes both in the interior and exterior. It is a 2-in-1 product that means you will use it as a cleaner and protector. The integrated sealer enhances the protection of your granite surfaces.

Besides, you can smell citrus or cucumber scent while cleaning, and the pH-balanced formula is safe for your stoneworks. You should keep it at the proper temperature to ensure good quality in the first 2 years.

Key features:

  • Safe to use
  • Water-based formula
  • Cleaner and protector for your granite surfaces
  • Can use both exterior and interior


  • Safely cleans natural stone countertops and surfaces
  • Best for everyday messes
  • Built-in sealer
  • Leaves a fresh citrus scent


  • Cannot use it in any cleaning machine

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 2.8 x 3.7 x 10 inches
Weight 1.5 pounds
Capacity 24 oz
Packaging A spray bottle
Brand StoneTech

Personal experience

This granite cleaner’s main advantage is that it is also a great protector, so it works great on reinforcing protection and sealing the countertops. If you are looking for a safe formula for your precious surfaces, make sure you give this solution a chance.

5. Sprayway SW702R Aerosol Granite Cleaner

(Best for Countertops)

This easy step cleaning for countertops contains a penetrating foam action that will safely remove all the oil, fingerprints, dirt, and grease throughout your home.

Unlike other cleaners that can corrode your granite surfaces, this product will never wear away the protective sealers and protect your granite from being destroyed because it is formulated uniquely to keep your kitchen and bathroom sparkle.

Key features:

  • Non-abrasive formula
  • Clean and polish at the same time
  • Made in the USA


  • Penetrating foam action
  • Perfect for all dealt natural stone surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Quickly bring you good result


  • Will not work on removing hard watermarks

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 2.7 x 2.7 x 10 inches
Weight 1.05 pounds
Capacity 19 oz
Packaging A spray bottle
Brand Sprayway

Personal experience

Easy to use, this Sprayway Granite and Marble Cleaner is perfect if you have sensitive countertops to clean. The non-abrasive formula is also very protective, while the foam action is enough to penetrate to clean lots of stains.

6. Black Diamond Stoneworks Biobased Granite Cleaner

(Best for Black Granite)

The best black granite cleaner is here. The Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Cleaner is the top one for granite, marble, and quartz cleaning. Its formula is innovative, and it works great against dirt, oil, cooking messes, or grease.

This product is bio-based, which means it is natural but has a reasonable price as other granite cleaners contain petroleum. Thanks to a safe and pH-neutral formula, this cleaner can contact food without creating any issue.

Key features:

  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Tested by granite professionals
  • 100% refund guarantee


  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Deep cleaner and stain remover
  • Strong enough for commercial use
  • Best for cleaning quite tough stains


  • Not suited for mold or mildew

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 4.5 x 2.5 x 10.5 inches
Weight 2.2 pounds
Capacity 32 oz
Packaging A spray bottle
Brand Black Diamond Stoneworks

Personal experience

Nobody wants a complicated formula when it comes to cleaning, right? This product is very easy to use, as you just need to spray it on the granite surface, marble or quartz and let it stand for 1-3 minutes. Wipe everything off, and you will get a nice, shiny countertop.

7. Method Daily Apple Orchard Granite Cleaner

(Best for Daily Use)

The Method Granite Cleaner is made of natural ingredients, which means it is a 100% non-toxic cleaner solution. The product is not tested on animals, so it is also cruelty-free. But more than that, it works great on removing the stubborn marks on your granite surfaces.

Because it uses naturally derived, you can use it daily without worrying about your hands. If you buy this product, you will get 6 bottles of cleaner to clean granite for a long time.

After you wipe, you can smell a delicate scent that will bring you a comfortable feeling. It leaves nothing but streak-free, sparkle granite surfaces and blossoms smell when you spray this cleaner.

Key features:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Plant-based
  • Doesn’t test on animals
  • Leave apple blossoms, vanilla orchid and peach nectar scent


  • Daily granite cleaner
  • Non-toxic
  • Safely restores the sparkle to the granite
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Cleans, polishes and shines granite


  • This cleaner does not also disinfect

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 3 x 8.25 x 2.5 inches
Weight 1 pound
Capacity 12 oz
Packaging 6 spray bottles
Brand Method

Personal experience

If you are an eco-friendly person, then this product is for you. All plant-based, the cleaner will not leave any nasty residue, nor will it harsh your surfaces. Just give it a try.

8. Supreme Surface Ioseal Protectants Granite Cleaner
(Best for Quartz)

Don’t waste your time applying thousands of solutions on your quartz when you can have a complete treatment all-in-one. Forget about the old time-consuming household activities when you have a Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner.

This Quartz and Marble Treatment will make cleaning easier while also defending against UV-fade. This cleaner is applied to ioSeal technology to penetrate molecules to protect your granite surfaces.

Each bottle allows you to spray 1481 times, and it can reduce maintenance for granite since this item doesn’t contain wax to prevent build-up grime and dirt.

Key features:

  • Environmentally safe formula
  • Biodegradable
  • Doesn’t contain wax
  • Protects granite from UV
  • Offers 100% refund


  • Unique technology
  • Refined science for bringing the granite to a perfect look
  • Cleans and protects the surfaces
  • Ultra-fine mist sprayer
  • Streak-free shine


  • Might not clean the very old stains

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 4 x 2 x 8.5 inches
Weight 12 ounces
Capacity 8 oz
Type A spray bottle
Brand Supreme Surface

Personal experience

If you are looking for a 3-in-1 cleanser that is also a sealer and a polisher, use the Supreme one, especially if you have quartz surfaces. Its technology is unique, as it can restore the surfaces to a completely new level: no more water spots, no more grease or oil.

9. Rock Doctor 18 Ounces Granite Cleaner

(Best for Corian)

Are you looking for the best Granite Cleaner for Corian? This product is formulated for use on various surfaces with non-abrasive and streak-free features. It will return you the shine of the stone.

You can use it once a day to keep the granite or Corian bright and protect them from being damaged. It can completely get rid of stains and soil from sealed Corian without discoloring it.

After cleaning, you can easily feel fresh scent and clean surfaces. It is packaged in 100 percent recyclable earth-friendly steel to contribute to environmental protection. You just need to wait for 1-2 minutes and wipe the liquid with a soft towel.

Key features:

  • Strong formula
  • Stored in recyclable can
  • Just need to wait for 1-2 minutes before wiping


  • Leaves no residues behind
  • Recommended for marble, granite, sandstone, travertine and many more
  • Easy to use
  • Can use daily to protect your stone surfaces


  • Does not work for hard water stains

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 3 x 1.5 x 4 inches
Weight 1 pound
Capacity 18 oz
Type A spray bottle
Brand Rock Doctor

Personal experience

The chemical smell is one of the uncomfortable ones when cleaning. The Rock Doctor 18 Ounces Granite Cleaner will clean out different stains with a fresh scent.

Watch this short video to ensure you have to buy this cleaner.

10. Better Life Pomegranate Grapefruit Granite Cleaner

(Best Natural)

The Better Life Granite Cleaner will be one of the safest ones for high-end stone surfaces, so here it will include concrete, travertine, quartz, slate, marble, and granite. Another choice for you if you want to clean and treat your slate floors with free-of-harsh chemicals formulas, this ultimate guide for cleaning slate floors will help you by using ingredients that are available in any kitchen.

Easy to use, this solution is made of natural ingredients, and the directions are very quick to follow: you just spray and wipe everything with a cloth. Grease and stains will be removed without any effort.

This cleaner doesn’t contain solvent in its formula to prevent surfaces from unwanted effects. It is free of alkylphenol, VOCs, petroleum, and surfactants and doesn’t test on animals.

Key features:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • No rinse needed
  • Doesn’t test on animals


  • Food surface safe formula
  • Cleans effectively, degreases, and shines
  • Unique solvent-free formula
  • Protects the surfaces you are cleaning
  • No streaks, no rinsing, no residue


  • The smell might be too strong for several people

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 2.75 x 2.75 x 8.5 inches
Weight 2 pounds
Capacity 16 oz
Packaging 2 spray bottles
Brand Better Life

Personal experience

Do you miss the natural shine of granite? Then you should look for this kind of cleaner that can be used to brighten and protect the countertops, vanities, tables and so on.

11. Therapy Premium 16 Ounces Granite Cleaner

(Best for Worktops)

The Therapy Granite Cleaner is both a cleaner and a great polisher that will protect your worktops with lots of care. You won’t look for any other best granite cleaner DIY once you can buy this affordable cleaner.

If you purchase this product, you will get a pack of 2 bottles, and you can use it daily to remove grease, grime, oil from granite surfaces. You will never see any streak after cleaning; instead of that, you will realize shiny and glossy granite.

The pH-neutral formula is safe for various surfaces such as marble, onyx, non-porous countertop, and more.

Key features:

  • Neutral pH formula
  • Pack of 2 bottles
  • Adds natural essential oils


  • Leaves brilliant glossy surface and protect the finish
  • 2 in 1 Therapy Granite Cleaner and Polish
  • Daily granite cleaner to remove oil, grime, and grease
  • Safe for marble, quartz, granite, and onyx surfaces


  • Does not come with a microfiber towel

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 9.5 x 6.2 x 2.8 inches
Weight 1 pound
Capacity 16 oz
Packaging 2 spray bottles
Brand Therapy

Personal experience

This is a powerful cleaner that won’t let you down. It can deal with the messiest spots of grease and oil while leaving that mirror-like finish.

12. Saltbox 16 Fluid Ounces Granite Cleaner

(Best for Composite Sinks)

Your composite sink needs lots of work to be sparkling clean. This is why you need this kind of product. The Saltbox Granite Cleaner and Polisher will instantly clean, polish, and protect the surfaces. Once you spray it, you only need to wipe out the oil, grime, and grease.

Thanks to a spray bottle, it is easy and quick to use, and there is no chemical smell after cleaning. This cleaner will maintain the gloss of your surfaces and is safe for a wide range of surfaces.

Key features:

  • Safe formula
  • Solvent free
  • Attractive packaging


  • Fresh and clean scent
  • No smelly chemicals
  • Works fast on dissolving oil, grease, and grime


  • I wish it could come in larger capacity

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 7.9 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
Weight 1.05 pounds
Capacity 16 oz
Packaging A spray bottle
Brand Saltbox

Personal experience

If you have quartz surfaces and onyx ones, or any non-porous countertops, make sure you use a cleaner that will leave a beautiful shine behind. It beautifully cleans lots of messy spots while also protecting the countertops.

13. Black Diamond Stoneworks 2 In 1 Granite Cleaner

(Best for Floors)

If you want to find an excellent granite cleaner for floors, let’s consider this Black Diamond Stoneworks 2 In 1 Granite Cleaner. This product comes with 128 oz; therefore, you can use it daily for ample surfaces.

It is safe when contacting food because of its non-rinse hypoallergenic and pH-neutral formula. This product is a built-in sealer that will help you simply clean granite surfaces and remove stains from them. Don’t forget it can be used as a cleaner and sealer, not a stand-alone sealer.

It will help you clean many kinds of messes: oil, food, coffee, wine, and more that you accidentally spill out on your floors. Professionals in the USA endorse this cleaner; therefore, you don’t have to be afraid of its quality.

Key features:

  • Balanced pH formula
  • Cleaner and sealer product
  • Uses it everyday
  • Endorsed by professionals


  • The specialized formula that will clean and polish the countertops
  • Streak-free, that safely shines and beautifies the natural stone surfaces
  • Adds depth to the stone surfaces
  • Can use on showers


  • You need to divide it into spray bottles for easy use

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 7 x 4.5 x 11 inches
Weight 8.4 pounds
Capacity 128 oz
Packaging A screw-cap bottle
Brand Black Diamond Stoneworks

Personal experience

This Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Cleaner is great for floors, countertops, as well as showers. Give it a try on these surfaces and prevent any more dust.

14. Hope’s 22GR12 Ammonia-Free Granite Cleaner

(Best for Marble)

The Hopes Granite Cleaner promises to work fast, ensure less wiping, and is also safe and has a pleasant scent. You can clean marble, stone, and granite, as well as other stone countertops.

Your surfaces will be non-streak and bright like the first day of purchase. Its formula doesn’t contain ammonia, alcohol, and acid to prevent damage and use many times a day. You can clean marble when your kids and pets are around.

You don’t need to wipe multiple times, but you still have sparkle surfaces that don’t have residue behind them. If your house has many marble surfaces, don’t forget to read the top 15 best marble cleaners.

Key features:

  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Ammoniac-free, alcohol-free and acid-free formula
  • 100% streak-free


  • Keeps the countertops sleek and shiny
  • Non-harmful
  • Works great for sealed granite and marble
  • Cleans quickly with less effort


  • Don’t leave it too long on the surfaces you clean

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 2.5 x 5 x 9.6 inches
Weight 1.38 pounds
Capacity 22 oz
Packaging A spray bottle
Brand Hope’s

Personal experience

Do you have granite, marble, stone countertops? Make sure you offer it great protection and shine. If you want to wipe away the dirt easily, use Hope’s Granite Cleaner, one of the best cleaners and sealers for marble.

15. Granite Gold Wipes 24 Counts Granite Cleaner

(Best Convenient)

Look for the best convenient granite floor cleaners every time you want to do perfect household activities. Unlike other cleaners leaving lots of residues and containing toxic chemicals, this Granite Gold Home Care Collection solution does not contain any unpleasant smell.

These wipes have better absorbency than several granite cleaners and don’t leave streaks or chemical smells after use. You just take them out of the pack and wipe them then you can throw them away.

It can clean on various surfaces and has a pleasant citrus smell that you surely like.

Key features:

  • Higher absorbency than other cleaners
  • The safe formula for various surfaces
  • Comes in pack of 3 packs


  • 24 pre-moistened wipes
  • Streak-free, non-toxic, non-acidic, pH balanced
  • Food safe
  • Fresh citrus scent
  • Great for marble, granite, and travertine


  • Don’t use the Granite Gold Polish wipes to clean glasses or mirrors

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 1 x 4.75 x 11 inches
Weight 6.4 ounces
Capacity 24 counts
Packaging 3 wipe packs
Brand Granite Gold

Personal experience

If you are looking for a great cleaner that is safe for food-prep surfaces, make sure you have this in your home. The best part? It leaves no streaks and features a nice mild citrus scent.

Its formula is safe for granite, marble, travertine, and all other natural-stone surfaces. You can easily call it granite countertops cleaner and sealer.

How to Choose the Best Granite Cleaner in 2021

Which is the best granite cleaner for water spots? Is there any 3-in-1 granite cleaner? Maybe I should look for some Granite gold disinfecting wipes?

Even though I have already provided the top 15 best granite cleaners, some of you might want to take a more proactive choice when purchasing their cleaners.

This is why I created this section on how to buy the top granite care products. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to decide on how to buy granite care products. Once a person looks for all these criteria, it is impossible not to enjoy a cool, nice, clean granite countertop again.

pH or Neutral Granite Cleaners?

Once granite is a natural stone, it is highly susceptible to acidic solutions. Using harsh acidic cleaner can produce real damage to the delicate molecules that can be found in the stone.

Therefore, buying a high-quality granite headstone cleaner is essential, and it should have a pH balanced or neutral pH solution.

Sealed or Unsealed?

Most of the granite cleaners you will find on the market are designed for the sealed surfaces. If you have any unsealed granite and other types of unsealed stone surfaces, the cleaner’s liquid can damage the stone.

Well, for this type of stone, you need a cleaner that contains a sealer too. Of course, for sealant protection, you can use a separate sealer as well.

Natural Granite Cleaners

If you want to adopt a “green” lifestyle, you may prefer natural cleaning products for your home. Therefore, there are many natural granite cleaners made especially for you.

Synthetic Based Granite Cleaners

Several granite cleaners are made of chemical ingredients and a blend of natural and chemical ingredients.

In opposition to the harsh chemicals found in most household cleaners, synthetic granite cleaners have a gentler approach. They are considered safer for most of the surfaces in your home.

Type of Granite Cleaners

Cleaning a granite surface is indeed a beating in your kitchen, and there are many kinds of granite cleaners to help you deal with this problem. Here are 4 types of cleaners you can easily catch them in the stores.

Day-To-Day Cleaners

As the name suggests, these cleaners are daily ones. Once these products are made for daily use, they often have neutral pH formula, so they avoid any damage to the granite countertop.

As you already know, cleaners that are too acidic can start eating away all the granite. Therefore, you need to find products that are safe for daily use to avoid build-up grime.


These types of products are not designed for cleaning, as the name says. They are made to polish the countertop immediately after they have been cleaned. Ok, but why do these products appear in my buying guide?

Well, because some people want more than simply cleaning their countertops, but look for the granite to look like new.

You should either use a polish with a good daily cleanser or buy an all in one product for a full job.


The sealers are made to be used after cleaning the countertop with a good quality day-to-day cleaner. In case the granite is not sealed after cleaning, then it might tend to absorb oils and stains, which, in time, can ruin the appearance of the granite.

Of course, you should use these sealers with a lot of caution because not all of them are suitable for all the granite countertops.

All-In-One Granite Care

The last category of granite care products is all-in-one products. They are designed to be cleaners, polishes, as well as sealers all at once.

As such, when buying these products, future users should be careful. Otherwise, this cleaner might cause the granite to take on a cloudy film.


Many granite cleaners come in a quite neutral scent, while others have natural scents such as citrus, grapefruit, apple orchard, and more. If you are sensitive to these fragrances, you should pay extra attention when purchasing the cleaners or wearing masks to reduce the smell.


I am sure that you still have many questions regarding the topic. This is why I selected the most frequently asked ones and answered them.