Tommy Blanco: The Rising Latin Trap Star Making Waves in Puerto Rico

РRicardo Berm̼dez (Tommy Blanco) discovered American hip-hop through car racing tapes left by his father and it influenced his music career.
– Tommy Blanco is part of the growing Latin trap scene in Puerto Rico and his newest mixtape, “SCOTTY2HOTTY,” has been well-received.
– Blanco’s music is a mix of different genres and styles, and he doesn’t want to limit himself to one specific sound. He sees his music as a form of experimentation and self-expression.

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Ricardo Bermúdez grew up watching car racing tapes left behind by his father, sparking his interest in music through the accompanying soundtracks. He developed a love for American hip-hop, alongside his existing passion for reggaetón, which eventually led him to pursue a career in music as Tommy Blanco. Blanco is part of the emerging Latin trap scene in Puerto Rico and recently released his latest mixtape, “SCOTTY2HOTTY,” which showcases his unique blend of influences. Unlike other trap rappers, Blanco’s music can be compared to the likes of J.I.D and Smino, focusing on vibrant rhymes and infectious beats.

The Latin trap movement in Puerto Rico took root in the early 2010s and Blanco was introduced to it during his visits to the island. He regrets not spending his formative teen years there, which is when most teenagers are exposed to a wider range of cultural influences. Nevertheless, he was inspired by underground artists like Álvaro Díaz, Myke Towers, and Jazz Bandana, who helped shape his own musical style. He has collaborated with fellow artists FANTA ROSARIO, VEI HABACHE, and Villano Antillano, further cementing his place in the Latin trap scene.

Blanco’s music not only draws from trap but also incorporates elements of electronic and house music. He has experimented with different sounds and genres, always seeking new ways to express himself through his music. While some mainstream artists may have adopted the sounds originally developed in the indie scene, Blanco sees it as a natural progression in the evolution of music genres. He is proud to be a part of the Latin trap movement and believes in the power of joy and fun in his music.

Raised in Vieques, Puerto Rico, Blanco’s music reflects the experiences and challenges faced by the local population. Vieques has a tumultuous history, with the presence of a United States Navy training facility causing protests and environmental issues. Blanco’s music is his way of expressing his perspective on life and highlighting the beauty and frustrations of living in such a place. He recently ended his relationship with a management team that he felt was hindering his progress, reclaiming his independence and creative freedom. He believes that the substance of his music lies in the joy and camaraderie he shares with his friends, and he is determined to continue making music on his own terms.

Blanco’s mixtape, “SCOTTY2HOTTY,” showcases his undeniable talent and unique approach to Latin trap music. With infectious beats, irreverent rhymes, and a fusion of genres, Blanco is making his mark in the Puerto Rican music scene. He is unapologetically himself and embraces the fun and lightheartedness of his music, while also addressing deeper themes and experiences. Blanco’s journey in music is just beginning, and he is excited to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in his artistry.


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