Tom Sandoval’s New Romance Sparks Speculation After “Scandoval” Drama

– Tom Sandoval was spotted with singer Tii at a lounge in West Hollywood, leading fans to speculate about a possible romance.
– Sandoval denied the dating rumors, stating that Tii is just a friend and he is looking for positive female energy in his life.
– Despite his denial, Sandoval and Tii were seen filming scenes together for an upcoming season of “Vanderpump Rules,” leaving their relationship status unclear.

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Title: Tom Sandoval & Tii’s Rumored Romance: A Closer Look at the Vanderpump Rules Star’s Love Life

Tom Sandoval, known for his appearances on the hit reality TV show Vanderpump Rules, has recently sparked romance rumors with singer Tii. Fans speculated whether the two were on a date after they were spotted together at The Fleur Room Lounge in West Hollywood. However, Sandoval quickly dismissed the rumors, insisting that Tii is just a friend. Despite his denial, new photos of the pair filming scenes together for the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules have reignited curiosity about their relationship status. Let’s explore the details surrounding Sandoval’s love life and how it intertwines with his on-screen persona.

Sandoval’s Denial and Recent Filming:
On the same day the romance rumors surfaced, Sandoval was seen with his co-star Tom Schwartz in Los Angeles, where he clearly stated that Tii is nothing more than a friend. He emphasized the need for positive female energy in his life but dismissed any claims of a new relationship. However, subsequent photographs taken during the filming of Vanderpump Rules’ upcoming season seem to suggest a significant connection between Sandoval and Tii. The duo was spotted sitting closely together at a charity event, leaving fans wondering what lies ahead for their on-screen dynamic.

Sandoval’s Past Relationships:
The rumored romance with Tii comes six months after Sandoval’s highly publicized breakup with his longtime partner and co-star Ariana Madix. The fallout from their split gained widespread media attention when Sandoval’s affair with their fellow co-star Raquel Leviss came to light. During the explosive season 10 reunion, Sandoval and Leviss apologized to Madix for the pain their actions caused. Since the breakup, Madix has been linked to fitness coach Daniel Wai.

As Sandoval and Madix are expected to return for Vanderpump Rules season 11, the reunion with Leviss hints at more dramatic storylines to come. While Sandoval denied being in a new relationship with Tii, their on-screen chemistry raises questions about the nature of their connection. Only time will tell how their relationship will unfold in the forthcoming season. Stay tuned for more updates on Sandoval’s love life as new developments arise within the Vanderpump Rules universe.