Tini Talks about Evolving her Sound, Career, and Style

– Tini reconciled her wholesome Disney persona with her evolving sound and audience, allowing her to continue growing and collaborating with other artists in the Latin genre.
– Her fourth studio album, “Cupido,” represents a new stage in her life and includes lessons, motivation, empowerment, and maturity.
– Tini’s dedication to her craft as a singer-songwriter allows her to challenge herself every day, take risks, and work hard to accomplish her dreams, while being a positive example for the next generation of young women.

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Argentinian singer Tini, real name Martina Stoessel, has quickly become a global sensation thanks to her triple threat talents of acting, singing, and dancing. In a Q&A feature series, Tini reveals that her passion for the arts has driven her from a young age. However, when she became an international idol to young girls in her Disney-era as Violetta, she chose to reconcile who she was becoming rather than pull the ripcord and completely jettison her wholesome image for a new edgier one.

Tini’s fourth studio album, “Cupido,” showcases her evolving sound and encompasses her life stories and emotions into music. The album is full of lessons, motivation, and empowerment. Tini’s dedication and hard work towards her craft have not gone unnoticed; her experimentation with different genres in her music has propelled her to new heights. Tini has collaborated with big names in the Reggaeton, EDM, and traditional pop ballad genres.

As Tini’s global audience grows, she is excited to connect with fans during her upcoming tour in the United States. Performing on stage is where Tini truly shines, moving through choreography with precision while connecting with her fans. Her exposure continues to grow, and she recently performed at the legendary Viña del Mar music festival in Chile.

Tini’s thread of women empowerment runs deeps, and she wants to be an example for young women to chase their dreams. “The next stage in my career will be unpredictable,” she says. “It will come from experiences, music, trends, etc. It is definitely something I can’t define yet. But I’ll continue to challenge myself every day by taking risks, living new experiences, and working hard to accomplish my dreams.”