CelebritiesNews"TikToker Alexandra 'Xandra' Pohl Reveals Winning Strategies in Competitive Space"

“TikToker Alexandra ‘Xandra’ Pohl Reveals Winning Strategies in Competitive Space”

– Alexandra Pohl is a marketing major and DJ with nearly 1 million TikTok followers
– Pohl started DJing in high school and was able to break into the industry over time
– The largely male-dominated field was difficult to break into, but Pohl persevered and is now thriving in her career

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Xandra, a marketing major from the University of Miami, is an influencer and a DJ with nearly 1 million TikTok followers. She has successfully pursued her passion for music, but it wasn’t an easy road for her, especially in a male-dominated industry. Xandra explains that she has been DJing for a long time, from her junior year in high school. She remembers feeling bored with everything and wanting to try something new. She always loved music and music festivals, and that’s where she found her calling.

Xandra’s mother was supportive of her decision to become a DJ when she first asked for a DJ board. At first, Xandra had to teach herself the basics, spending hours on YouTube to learn the technology and all the necessary skills. Being a female DJ, especially in Miami and through the frat scene, was hard, but Xandra persevered and broke into the industry at 18, doing her first club gig in Miami. Xandra’s passion for music continues to drive her, and she plans to expand her career in this field.

Xandra’s story serves as an inspiration, especially as we celebrate International Women’s Day, reminding us that women can pursue their passions and succeed despite the challenges they may face. Xandra’s journey is a testament to perseverance, hard work, and the importance of having supportive people in our lives. It is exciting to see Xandra’s DJ career flourishing, and we look forward to seeing more of her music in the future.

In conclusion, Xandra’s journey is an example of how women can break into male-dominated industries with determination and dedication. Her story is an inspiration to young women everywhere and a reminder that we should not let anything stand in the way of pursuing our passions. We should follow our dreams and work tirelessly to make them a reality, just like Xandra did.

Mia Scott
Mia Scott
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