TikToker Abbie Herbert’s Thoughts on Parenting Two Under Two Can Give You Baby Fever – Beware

TikTok Star Abbie Herbert talks about parenting her two children under two years old.

Abbie finds raising a newborn and a toddler more daunting in theory than in reality.

She feels confident in handling the two-under-2 sitch, although it can be overwhelming.

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Abbie Herbert, a popular TikTok star with over 15 million fans, opened up about parenting two kids under the age of 2. She welcomed her son, Jagger, on March 13, just two months before her daughter, Poppy’s second birthday on May 11. Abbie joked that having two kids under 2 is a new trend right now, but she admitted that going from no kids to one was scarier than going from one to two.

Abbie shared that she initially found diaper-changing intimidating, and she left the task to her husband or the nurses in the hospital when Poppy was born. However, with Jagger, she has become a diaper-changing pro and even created a video dance to promote Huggies’ charitable baby booty-themed book.

Abbie feels confident in handling the two-under-2 situation and has mastered finding calm in chaos. She and her husband aim to have an hour of solitude each day, but even then, there’s no guarantee of uninterrupted alone time. Abbie cherishes the moments with her two kids and hopes that Poppy and Jagger will grow up as best friends.

Despite the challenges of parenting two young children, Abbie loves the life she’s in now and takes in every moment. She believes that one day, her kids will grow up and not want to run into her room and scream for her, so she tries to enjoy every moment while she can.