TikTok Star Chris Olsen spills his Relationship Status after a kiss with Ryan, the brother of Meghan Trainor

Chris Olsen revealed that he and Meghan Trainor’s brother, Ryan Trainor, are both still single, despite sparking romance rumors last month. Fans reacted to the news, as Chris had shared photos of himself kissing Ryan on Instagram earlier in March. Chris previously revealed on social media that he is more “into the older men” when it comes to dating. He also broke down where he meets people, with Instagram being the most successful platform for him. Despite some failed attempts at love, Chris remains hopeful for finding luck in 2023.

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Chris Olsen, a social media star, recently addressed relationship rumors surrounding Meghan Trainor’s brother. In a TikTok video, Chris clarified that he and Ryan Trainor are both single despite sharing a kiss in pictures he posted on Instagram in March. Fans reacted strongly to the news, but Chris remains a supportive friend who is willing to play matchmaker for Ryan.

Although Chris has been vocal about his dating life on social media, he revealed that he hasn’t found love since his breakup with Ian Paget in January 2022. He even created a report on his 2022 Dating Wrapped, using charts and graphs to analyze his dating experiences. Chris discovered that he is more interested in older men, and he has met people through various means, including dating apps, Instagram, and TikTok.

Chris’s experiences have been mixed, as he revealed that one person he went on many dates with ghosted him and was already in a relationship. However, he remains optimistic and wishes for more luck in 2023. Regardless of his relationship status, Chris’s fans can follow him on social media and see his latest updates.