The Ultimate Guide to Prom Aesthetics: 5 Rising Trends to Try

– Prom has become a grander event thanks to social media, influencers, and the desire for a stunning fashion show for teens.
– Finding the right outfit is only part of the goal; hair, makeup, and accessories need to coordinate to create an overall aesthetic that suits your personal style and vision for the night.
– Five rising aesthetics are expected to be popular for prom in 2023, transcending typical trends to encompass an entire mood.

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Prom is not what it used to be. With social media taking over, prom has become an extravagant fashion show for teenagers. From stunning gowns to impeccable makeup, every detail counts. The ultimate style statement is not just about finding the perfect dress; it’s about coordinating hair, makeup, and accessories to match the overall theme and personal style.

While balletcore, Barbiecore, classicore, and romcom core have been popular aesthetics lately, there are five rising aesthetics that are about to blow up in 2023. These aesthetics transcend the typical prom trends and encompass an entire mood. If you are looking to make a statement at prom and be a trendsetter, these aesthetics are just what you need.

For more inspiration, Disney’s original movie “Prom Pact” is set to premiere on Disney Channel on March 30th at 8 p.m. and will be available on Disney+ March 31st. The movie follows the journey of high school senior Mandy Yang as she befriends the school jock to get into Harvard. Apart from the movie, the playful prom outfits are enough to warrant a watch and will get you in the spirit for prom.

In conclusion, prom is no longer just about the ultimate high school experience, dance or celebration. For teenagers, it has become an opportunity to showcase their fashion sense and make a statement through their hair, makeup, and accessories. By aligning all of these with an overall theme or aesthetic, teenagers can create unique looks that will leave a lasting impression.