The story of Kitty-blu, a makeup artist and social media influencer, and her supportive father, Chris Appleton.

– Kitty-blu is a successful makeup artist and social media influencer who inherited her creative genes from her parents.
– She began working as a makeup artist at 17 and has always had a passion for makeup, which served as an escape from school.
– Despite her close relationship with her hairstylist father Chris, Kitty-blu wants to make a name for herself and has gained mutual respect from him through their shared bond highlighted on social media.

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Kitty-blu: From Glamorous Childhood to Booming Makeup Career

Kitty-blu, born on November 3, 2005, inherited her parents’ creative genes and proved it by becoming a makeup artist at the age of 17. In an interview with Allure magazine in 2022, Kitty-blu opened up about her youth and how she was always in full glam because of her parents’ influence. Despite being sought after by her classmates for her dad’s hairstyling skills, Kitty-blu never let that distract her from her passion for makeup. She named makeup as her hobby and escape from school, primarily math and English.

Chris, Kitty-blu’s dad, recognized her talent early on and acknowledged her vision for makeup. In the same interview, Chris confirmed that Kitty-blu had an eye for makeup, which she agreed with. She affirmed that makeup was her passion, and she loved every bit of it. She continued to hone her skills and develop her career, relocating from England to Los Angeles, where she now lives and works as a makeup artist.

Though proud of Kitty-blu and her career, Chris never pressured her to follow in his footsteps. He recognized that she had her own journey to embark on, which he affirmed in their Allure interview. He also acknowledged that he helped her get her start in LA, but her success was all thanks to her talent and hard work.

Kitty-blu is not only recognized as a makeup artist but also a social media influencer. She has developed a considerable following thanks to sharing glimpses of her work and personal life. Her relationship with her dad is evident on her social media platforms, where fans continually see sweet moments captured, such as their attendance at the Kardashian’s epic Christmas parties and their Thanksgiving skiing escapades at Big Bear.

Kitty-blu is undoubtedly a bright, young talent bursting with potential in the makeup industry, and from all indications, she’s well on her way to making a name for herself.