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The Stars Who Love to Hit the Casino

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The lavish life of a superstar involves gambling at some point, more often than not. Many world-renowned names are known gambling aficionados and like to hit the casino regularly. We’ll be taking a look at the most famous celebrity gamblers, a list that you may be a part of at some point if you opt to claim $500 no deposit bonus codes to play in the world’s best online casinos, many of which have better payout rates than Las Vegas establishments.

1. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is the most famous gambler on this list because of how successful he is. He once got banned from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, and even though the reason is not known, it likely was because he was counting cards.

He plays blackjack at a pro level and has won money doing so. Contrary to popular belief, though, the Hard Rock Casino did not ban him from their establishment outright – they simply prohibited him from playing blackjack because he did something that casinos don’t like: his card-counting skills got him to overcome the ever-present house edge. 

2. George Clooney

Beloved celeb George Clooney is a well-known gambler beyond his role in the famous “Ocean” films. Not only does he gamble as a hobby, but he sees it as a fundamental part of his life and loves to partake in casino tirades. In fact, Clooney once tried to set up his own casino, which he never could, but his intent goes to show how much he loves what he does.

He can be frequently seen in US casinos across the country and is known among his peers as a complete casino gambler. You may run into him if you’re a high-stakes player – don’t expect to see the superstar and business mogul in the low-roller area!

3. Matt Damon

Matt Damon is not only one of the most accomplished actors in Hollywood but also one of the gamblers that are very likely to have lost the least money out of all people on this list. He plays blackjack professionally.

Damon is also a highly skilled poker player and is known to participate in tournaments. He played the role of a skilled poker gambler in the filming of “Rounders”, where he studied pro player Johnny Chan and learned important aspects of his skill set. As far as accomplished gamblers go, Damon is certainly one of the most famous of the lot. 

4. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the fiercest competitors in sports history, as well as one of the most talented basketball players of all time. His competitiveness didn’t stay on the court, though: it translated to the world of gambling. 

Jordan was said to wager a lot of money with his teammates -particularly playing poker- and that led him to become one of the most famous high rollers at the time. There are stories that relate his gambling to the death of his father, but they are not proven. Still, he is one of the most famous high rollers in the world – he once lost $5 million playing Craps in a Las Vegas casino!

5. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is one of the most controversial people in Hollywood. The Two and a Half Men star was a known problem gambler during the shooting of the show, years before he went on his infamous “tiger blood” and “winning” tirade.

In fact, his gambling addiction came to light in 2006, when Denise Richards, his now ex-wife, claimed that he gambled $200,000 on a weekly basis as one of the main reasons why she filed for divorce. The casino regular and sports bettor very likely got the part for his role in Two and a Half Men because he barely even needed to act: he was playing an alternate version of himself!

6. Paris Hilton

Fashion legend Paris Hilton is a known gambler. She loves online casino games, but she’s better known for his Las Vegas adventures. She has been pictured with stacks of money that she has won, many years after having been spotted gambling with Leonardo DiCaprio when she was only 19. 

Gambling and Paris Hilton go back to the early years of her adulthood. Her latest gamble is more modern, though: she’s placed a lot of money on cryptocurrency, as she believes it’ll eventually pay off since the world is going digital. That does open up the question as to whether she also gambles with crypto in the world’s best crypto casinos!

7. Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire, beloved by many across the world, had a poker ring where other Hollywood A-listers would go to gamble and play one another, which could have, allegedly netted Maguire some $30 million in profits.

Maguire’s tables were, of course, high-stakes tables. Allegedly, it is said that the stakes in these tables were so high that a $20,000 win would feel like a loss, with other present members including multimillionaires like Leonardo DiCaprio and renowned Las Vegas high-rollers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. 

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