The Latest Trends in the Technological Industry 

The Latest Trends in the Technological Industry 
Photo by Marvin Meyer

It is not only companies like that develop new tech. There are many others. We are now in the Information Age, and the advancement of technology is faster than it ever was. 

The question is: what are the latest tech trends lately? Today, we will show you several developments in technology in many industries.

Tactile VR

Tactile VR is a branch of virtual reality, but it has more emphasis on touch. It means that it is not only your vision that experiences the technology but also your sense of feeling. In essence, you can feel what is going on the screen.

Right now, the closest we have to this is augmented reality, or what some people call 4D, which is pretty common in theme parks. 4D is a tech where the movement on the screen is somehow replicated in real life.

For example, the screen may show you on a roller coaster, and you are seeing a large screen where you are riding the roller coaster. As the roller coaster on the screen moves, the chair you are sitting on also gives you the feeling of moving.

Tactile VR for games is available, but it is pretty basic. Right now, the only tactile feeling we get is from the vibration of the joystick in a gaming remote control. In the future, we expect that people will experience something better than this.


One thing we can look forward to in tech advancement is robotics. Right now, we are seeing robotic prosthetic limbs that seem to have come from science fiction.

As of the moment, research for robotic augmentation is focusing on amputees. This sector of research is what we call bionics. In addition to this, researchers are looking forward to ways to connect these robotic augmentation devices to the internet.

Others also want to make augmentation at a genetic level. In some industries, it is not the robotic aspect they focus on but rather human genetics. They want to know if they can eliminate disease-causing genes from human beings.

To some degree, this branch of genetic engineering has had success already. Today, some labs can change the color of the baby’s eyes — they do so by altering the genes in the egg or sperm cells. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not new. We see it all the time in action, especially on our phones and on websites. However, AI just keeps getting better and better.

Here are some of the advancements of AI and what they can do now: 

  • Draw and make art;
  • Create written art such as stories;
  • Write advertising copy;
  • Drive on controlled streets;
  • Create music.

Today, not only are people using AI for these things, but they are also using AI to implement cyber-security measures.

Low Code and No Code AI

Related to the previous point, it is now possible for AI to create code for companies. In addition, to this, developers made programs where users simply have to drag-and-drop features to build a website or an app.

The integration of AI into these systems makes it easy for users to build something new. One such example is Elementor. In the past, you needed to code a WordPress website manually to implement designs. Today, you can use Elementor to build a website with WordPress from scratch.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Some might say that the Internet of Things is just a fad. Well, it is not. As companies develop more gadgets and appliances that can connect to the internet, things get easier to manage than before. 

Today, the trend is to expand the coverage of these devices. Some companies even use the IoT for cybersecurity. The expansion of the IoT is made possible by 5G technology. As you know, 5G delivers fast data transfer, and it makes it possible for devices to communicate with one another, even if the other device is far away. 

Here are some of the use cases for IoT:

  • Development and improvement of autonomous transportation;
  • Monitoring of the power consumption of buildings, along with its security features;
  • Fleet management for cars, ships, and planes;
  • Health-related monitoring.

The IoT is no longer just about a refrigerator that you can control from home. Today, giant corporations use the IoT to manage their buildings and businesses, too.

What does the future hold? The future is bright, and we can expect more gadgets and technologies to come our way. What used to be science fiction in the past is now becoming a reality. Add to this the fact that machines can literally learn, and these machines can help solve problems that humans can’t.

Robots will also become normal. Today, these robots are still in the prototype stage, but it is not too farfetched to think that they will be part of society one day!