The Kardashians’ Lavish Beauty Brunch for North West’s 10th Birthday

– Kim Kardashian celebrated her daughter North West’s 10th birthday with a lavish beauty brunch.
– The beauty brunch included elegant tea cups, glossy tarts adorned with macarons, and an in-person talk with Anastasia Soare, the owner of Anastasia Beverly Hills.
– The night before the brunch, North and her friends enjoyed a joint birthday slumber party with pink pajamas, Hello Kitty treats, and gift baskets filled with candy and beauty products.

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Title: North West’s Unforgettable 10th Birthday Celebration: An Extravagant Affair

The Kardashians have never been ones to shy away from extravagant parties, and North West’s recent 10th birthday celebration was no exception. The eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian was treated to a lavish beauty brunch hosted by none other than Anastasia Beverly Hills, adhering to the family’s famous “go big or go home” policy. Kim took to social media to express her love and admiration for her daughter, sharing heartwarming selfies taken during a Warriors vs. Lakers game with a heartfelt caption.

The beauty brunch organized by Anastasia Beverly Hills was a visual feast, with elegant tea cups, glossy tarts adorned with macarons, chocolate truffles, and delicate éclairs lining the tables. Glass dishes filled with candy, along with desserts embellished with edible gold and flowers, added to the opulent aesthetic. The children attending the celebration were not only treated to delectable treats but also received products from Anastasia Beverly Hills’ beauty catalogue. The highlight, however, was the opportunity to have an in-person talk with the brand’s owner, Anastasia Soare. To everyone’s surprise, Kim Kardashian herself even volunteered to be a canvas for Soare’s demonstration of the beauty products.

Preceding the brunch, North West enjoyed a joint slumber party with her friend Eva at The Beverly Hills Hotel. The girls donned adorable pink pajamas as they captured precious memories and indulged in Hello Kitty treats. They sipped on mocktails specially named after the birthday girls and slept in miniature canopy beds fit for princesses. Each attendee received a gift basket filled with an assortment of goodies, including candy, toys, slippers, beauty products, and nighttime essentials.

The festivities also involved the presence of Kourtney Kardashian and her daughter, Penelope Disick, who joined in the celebrations. Amidst towering chrome cakes, they sang happy birthday to the young girls. Heartwarming moments unfolded as North’s friends serenaded her with a solo song, standing in front of a stunning pink cake adorned with macarons, chocolate, and candles. Undoubtedly, turning 10 is a monumental milestone, and this luxurious birthday extravaganza will forever hold a special place in North West’s heart.

North West’s 10th birthday bash was truly a sight to behold. With an unforgettable beauty brunch and an enchanting slumber party, the Kardashian clan once again showed their flair for extravagant celebrations. As this milestone birthday comes to a close, we can only imagine the wonderful memories this young princess will cherish for years to come.

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