The Impactful Fallout between Jenner, Woods, and Kardashian’s Ex

– Tristan Thompson, Khloé Kardashian’s boyfriend at the time, was seen getting close with Jordyn Woods at a house party, just days after spending Valentine’s Day with Kardashian.
– Woods moved back to her mom’s house and experienced a difficult time after the scandal, which affected her friendship with Kylie Jenner.
– Woods appeared on “Red Table Talk” to share her side of the story, claiming that Thompson kissed her as she was leaving his house, describing it as a simple peck on the lips with no passion or further involvement.

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Title: The Unraveling of Jenner and Woods’ Friendship: A Closer Look at the Scandal

In a shocking turn of events, the seemingly unbreakable bond between Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods was shattered when a scandal emerged in February 2019. Reports from TMZ revealed that Tristan Thompson, then-boyfriend of Khloé Kardashian, had been seen getting cozy with someone at a house party mere days after he had spent Valentine’s Day with Kardashian. To the astonishment of the world, that someone turned out to be none other than Woods. As the news spread like wildfire, it became apparent that their friendship would bear the brunt of the fallout.

The Fallout and Woods’ Retreat:
The revelation of Thompson and Woods’ alleged involvement dealt a severe blow to Jenner and Woods’ relationship. The aftermath saw Woods make the difficult decision to temporarily move back to her mother’s house. A well-placed source disclosed to People magazine that the fallout had taken an emotional toll on Woods, stating, “It’s been a difficult time and she’s broken up about it. She’s heading home to be with her mom.”

Woods Breaks Her Silence:
In an attempt to give her side of the story, Woods chose to appear on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s popular web series, “Red Table Talk.” In the highly-anticipated 30-minute segment, Woods recounted the events leading up to the scandal. According to her, after a night of clubbing with friends, she decided to continue the fun at Thompson’s house. Woods maintained that it was upon leaving that Thompson unexpectedly kissed her. Recounting the incident, she clarified, “On the way out, he did kiss me… Like a kiss on the lips, no tongue kiss, no making out, nothing.”

The scandal that unfolded between Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson not only brought a wave of shock to fans worldwide but also unraveled the friendship between Woods and Kylie Jenner. As the world watched the drama and public fallout unfold, Woods sought solace in returning to her mother’s home. However, it wasn’t until her appearance on “Red Table Talk” that Woods had the opportunity to share her side of the story, offering her account of what transpired that fateful night. The repercussions of this incident would echo for years to come, leaving a lasting impact on both the individuals involved and their relationships with others.