The Handsome Bodyguard that Beyoncé’s Fans are Thirsting Over during the “Renaissance” World Tour

– A handsome bodyguard on Beyoncé’s World Tour security team has caught the attention of fans, who have been thirsting over him and searching for his identity.
– The bodyguard, named James Plaza, is a professional bodybuilder and his Instagram account, filled with shirtless photos and workout videos, has garnered attention.
– Fans have dubbed Plaza as their “internet boyfriend” for the week, joining the ranks of other attractive bodyguards accompanying famous singers like Lady Gaga and Cardi B.

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Title: Beyoncé’s World Tour Bodyguard Steals the Spotlight

Hello, Beyhive! Get ready for some major thirst quenching because the internet is buzzing over one particular hunky bodyguard on Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” World Tour security team. Viral footage of this dreamboat has left fans swooning, desperately wanting to know who this mystery man is. Let’s dive into the details, shall we?

During Beyoncé’s electrifying performance of “Energy” at the Aug. 6 show in Washington DC, the crowd fell silent on cue after she uttered the word “mute.” That’s when our handsome bodyguard, standing in front of the stage, couldn’t help but smirk in admiration of the crowd’s ability to remain quiet. Fans were quick to jump on this captivating moment, sharing videos of the incident far and wide. They were left yearning to uncover the identity of this hunky specimen.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the Beyhive’s detective skills to kick in. In just a matter of hours, the internet sleuths unveiled his true identity. This irresistibly attractive bodyguard is none other than James Plaza – a professional bodybuilder whose Instagram (@james_plaza_physique) had quite the fanfare before he decided to go private. Browsing through his profile, filled with shirtless photos and workout videos, it’s evident that Plaza is more than equipped to protect Queen Bey from any potential harm.

But Beyoncé isn’t the only celebrity to have an eye-catching bodyguard. Who can forget Lady Gaga’s distractingly attractive Peter Van der Veen or Cardi B’s charming Omari Price? For now, Plaza has rightfully claimed the title of “internet boyfriend” this week. However, we know that the spotlight may soon shift to another celebrity bodyguard stealing hearts in no time.

If you want to join in on the frenzy, we’ve got you covered. TikTok footage of Plaza’s viral moment awaits, along with a collection of captivating Facebook photos to satisfy your curiosity. Brace yourselves, for the Beyhive’s collective sip of water is about to be quenched, and the internet is abuzz with admiration for this remarkable bodyguard.

Remember to stay tuned as we follow all the tea and trends surrounding Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” World Tour and keep you updated on everything you need to know. In the meantime, let’s raise a glass to James Plaza, the bodyguard who had us all weak in the knees and wishing for a closer spot in Beyoncé’s entourage.


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