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The Bond between Influencers Kit Keenan and Lauren Wolfe Deserves All the Likes

– Kit Keenan and Lauren Wolfe are New York City-based influencers with a tight-knit group of friends in the influencer community.
– They collaborate on content, support each other’s events and launches, and help each other deal with online trolls.
– They note the importance of building genuine friendships, setting boundaries, and taking breaks from social media.

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Kit Keenan and Lauren Wolfe are New York City-based influencers with a combined following of 1.7 million fans on Instagram and TikTok. They are part of a close-knit community of content creators in the city, who support and collaborate with each other. The influencers have a group message called “The Influencers,” where they throw in big event announcements and ask for help when needed. This group includes Remi Bader, Brigette Pheloung, Samira Ahmed, and Audrey Trullinger, among others, who all support each other offline.

According to Kit, the spirit of collaboration is what makes their group unique. Having lived in Los Angeles, she noted that the attitude in the west coast influencer community is more competitive, with creators stepping on each other to get ahead. But in New York, the influencers are supportive and helpful. Lauren also attested to having only positive experiences with everyone she has met, saying that “It’s a big chat, and everyone is just so nice and supportive.” They have become a close-knit squad, with Lauren and Kit shooting content for each other and even workshopping captions together.

As influencers, their job is not always easy. They have to create their own structure, as most days are dedicated to shooting, editing, and brainstorming for ideas. They attend events almost every night, and it can be draining for Kit, who is more introverted. However, both have found a balance by choosing the events they want to attend and spending quality time with their genuine friends in the industry, who understand the hardships and interests that come with the job.

One of the best parts of having friends in this industry is the support they give each other. They help each other with photo and video ideas, physically take photos and videos of each other, and even attend launches and events together. They also provide a supportive network for dealing with online trolls, and when they are done with shooting content, they put away their phones and chill together. It’s a great opportunity for these influencers to help each other, form genuine friendships, and enjoy the journey together.

Mia Scott
Mia Scott
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