The Best Ways to Wear Plaid This Season, According to Influencers

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– Recent plaid fashion trend includes a new collection by Shay Mitchell
– Tips from fashion influencers on how to wear plaid this season and the best picks from Amazon that suit their visions

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Lately, there has been a resurgence of the love for the timeless plaid print. Not only has this classic pattern forever found itself a place in the fashion world, but recently many have jumped on the trend, including celebrities such as Shay Mitchell, who recently introduced a new BÉIS Plaid Collection. To offer some inspiration alongside style advice on how to pull off the look this season, we linked with Amazon influencers Vivian Rodriguez, Darcy McQueeny, Nelly Toledo, Nita Danielle, Kaeli Mae, and Kate Bannister to share their expertise. Each of them offered unique and helpful answers in line with their distinctive style choices in regards to plaid fashion.

Each influencer’s insight and concept guided our list of best Amazon picks that closely match their views. Amazon online store offers a variety of options to match fashion enthusiasts’ tastes and specific needs. Whether you’re into plaid button-down shirts, printed body-con dresses, oversized cashmere scarves, preppy chic flared skirts, plaid shackets, or punk-chic 90’s-inspired handbags, there is something for everyone. These items genuinely reflect the plaid trend that is currently popular in fashion. Shop the article from Amazon to add some trendsetting pieces to your wardrobe in the blink of an eye.