The Best Games to Play on a Night-In

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your next night-in, or want to switch up your boring evening routine with something other than the Netflix show you’ve binge-watched twice already, why not throw a few games into the mix?  

From the latest digital games that will transport you to fantastical new worlds, to classic board, card or even DIY games – there’s a whole host of fun gaming activities to try with everyone from your besties to your partner.

Read on to discover the best games to play during your nights-in; after all, those who play together, stay together.  

Paris: La Cite de la Lumiere 

If you and your closest friends are yet to enjoy a dream getaway to Paris, it could be time to let Paris come to you. Paris: La Cite de la Lumiere is a stunningly designed board game that might just be your best night-in, ever.  

Set in the 19th Century, during the World’s Fair, the game itself is played out in two parts. To begin with, you need to build the streets of the city using a selection of quirky creations. During the second half of the game, you will go up against your opponent as you both compete to place more of your buildings closest to the street lights, thereby lighting up the city.  

We’re Not Really Strangers 

If you didn’t think a card game could bring you and your partner closer together, think again. We’re Not Really Strangers is a purpose-driven card game designed for adult couples, with the aim of deepening connections and facilitating meaningful relationships.  

Photo by Filipp Romanovski on Unsplash

It’s simple enough to play – you each take turns to answer different questions such as “How are you, really?” – however, you need to answer as openly and honestly as you can. There are even wildcard questions throughout the deck that delve into spicier territory, while “dig deeper” cards encourage more intimate answers.  

Online Slots 

If you’re looking for something a bit more light-hearted for a night at home, online slots games could be the way to go. Bringing all the thrill of the casino into your living room, digital slots games are ideal for playing with your fun-loving friends. Why not go the whole hog and set a casino theme for the night? 

Another great thing about playing slots online is that it’s possible to enjoy a wide range of different gaming experiences. There are themed games inspired by everything from the Wild West to movies like Gladiator and Highlander.  

Mario Kart 

According to Reddit users, Mario Kart is a great game to play with your favourite people, especially if you all harbour a super-competitive streak.  

Initially, the game itself is rather cute to watch and play. Featuring all your favourites from the Mario franchise, including Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and, of course, Yoshi, it all starts off rather serene with its go-karts and rainbow-coloured roads.  

Within seconds of racing, though, the action picks up and you’ll find yourself doing anything you can to get in pole position, including throwing blue shells at your opponents to knock them out.  

Until Dawn  

If you’d rather play more co-operatively with your friends and you’re fans of chillers and horror movies, Until Dawn would be the perfect pick for a games night. This video game essentially lets you create your own horror movie through a series of choices. It’s possible to change the outcome of the game completely, simply through the decisions that you make.  

Until Dawn is one of those games that keeps on surprising you. It’s the video game equivalent of an Usbourne Puzzle Adventure!  

Two Truths and a Lie 

Finally, if digital games, card or board games don’t appeal to you and your tribe, a few rounds of Two Truths and a Lie should do the trick.  

A classic word-play game that requires nothing more than a good imagination – and an excellent poker face, if you want to win – as the name suggests, you play by telling your opponents two truths and one fib. Your friends than have to guess which statement is an untruth, and then it’s your turn to be tested on just how well you really know your closest pals!