Taylor Lautner Talks Mental Health and Marriage with Tay Dome in their New Podcast “The Squeeze”

– Taylor Lautner has taken a break from the entertainment industry to focus on his mental health and has since gotten married to Tay Dome.
– The couple hosts a podcast called “The Squeeze”, where they interview various experts and stars about mental health and share their own experiences.
– They discuss the impact of social media on mental health and the importance of communication and opening up about one’s struggles. They also talk about Tay’s nonprofit, The Lemons Foundation, which aims to share mental health resources and support those experiencing mental illness.

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Taylor Lautner, the former Twilight heartthrob, is now in a much better space after taking a step back from the entertainment industry to focus on his mental health and getting married. He tied the knot with Tay Dome in a California ceremony on November 11, 2022. The couple has developed a strong bond, centered on honest communication and growth. Together, they host a podcast called “The Squeeze,” which centers on mental health.

Speaking to POPSUGAR, Lautner states he doesn’t feel bothered by Twilight’s resurgence on social media and even shares his insight on the importance of opening up. He admits to spending many years without considering talking to somebody about his mental health. During the podcast’s first episode, he gets candid about his mental health struggles and how Twilight negatively affected his body image. Tay later opened up about the origin of her nonprofit, The Lemons Foundation, aimed at sharing mental health resources for anyone experiencing mental illness or supporting someone who is, during the podcast’s second episode.

The Lautners point out that mental illness has been on an increase among younger generations in recent years, and social media is often blamed for it. Social media can make one feel as if they are constantly being judged, and there is a scarcity of quiet moments for one’s mind to rest. However, the couple seems to have a healthy relationship with social media, often posting light-hearted, funny content.

When it comes to her foundation, Tay has big dreams of bringing mental health resources to underprivileged areas and funding research. Taylor has no doubt that his wife will accomplish whatever goals she sets her heart on, stating, “She’ll just wake up one morning and have a brand-new idea, and nobody goes after their ideas and goals more than she does.”

The couple’s podcast, “The Squeeze,” has been a learning experience for both of them. They’ve spoken to “Wednesday” star Emma Myers to bestselling author and psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, and so far, they’ve learned that therapy works and that the first step is talking about it. “The Squeeze” is a platform where many amazing people feel safe enough to share their stories and what they have been through regarding mental health, and provide a perspective on things or things they’ve learned about themselves.