Take Note of TikTok Star Corporate Natalie’s Advice for your Next Performance Review

– TikTok’s Corporate Natalie advises advocating for yourself at work and knowing your worth before performance reviews
– She recommends demonstrating your indispensability, keeping a record of your contributions, and building your own brand
– Natalie launched her TikTok account during the pandemic and has over 1 million followers, and advises creating an authentic personal brand in both influencer and traditional jobs.

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TikTok star Corporate Natalie has shared her advice for advocating for yourself at work. Speaking in an interview with E! News, she explained the importance of knowing your worth and building a case to demonstrate your value to the organization. This includes keeping track of your contributions and demonstrating the impact you have made.

Natalie also emphasized the importance of creating a personal brand, whether you work as an influencer or in a traditional nine-to-five job. By focusing on what makes you unique and standing out in your role, you can build a strong case for your worth and potential to the organization.

Having launched her TikTok channel during the pandemic, Natalie has quickly amassed over one million followers and has partnered with several brands, including Tequila Don Julio Rosado. She describes her videos as “satirical, short-form bits making fun of corporate America and making light of situations that might be dark at times.”

Ultimately, Natalie’s advice is to lead with authenticity and create content that you love in order to build your personal brand and achieve success both online and in the workplace. By advocating for yourself and demonstrating your unique value, you can position yourself as an indispensable member of the team.