Steven Yeun’s Wife and Children: What You Need to Know About the Actor’s Family Life

1. Steven Yeun, known for his role in “The Walking Dead,” has landed other big roles including a starring role in Netflix’s “Beef.”

2. Yeun is married to photographer Joana Pak and they have two children together.

3. Pak helped Yeun prepare for his role in the 2020 film “Minari,” which is based on her family’s story.

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Steven Yeun has been captivating fans with his superb acting skills since his rise to fame on “The Walking Dead,” where he played the role of Glenn Rhee. He has taken on several other major roles, including the lead alongside Ali Wong in the thrilling Netflix series, “Beef.” However, while many fans may know that Yeun has been married to Joana Pak, a photographer, since December 3, 2016, they may not be aware that the couple shares two children.

Typically, Yeun keeps his family life under wraps, but he has previously mentioned that Pak aids in his preparation for some of his roles, including the 2020 film “Minari.” In an interview with W magazine in February 2021, Yeun revealed that the movie is essentially based on his wife’s family story, with her family earning their initial income through chicken sexing. Yeun shared that they gave him some tips on how to work with the chicks.

Not much public information is available about Pak and Yeun’s children. However, fans can rest assured that they have a son and daughter. Further details about their kids, such as their names and ages, have not been publicly disclosed.

Overall, Steven Yeun has proven to be an incredible actor, and while he may keep his family life separate from the spotlight, fans can attest to the fact that he is a devoted father and husband.