Steven Yeun and Joana Pak’s Love Story: From Long-Distance to Family Life

– Steven Yeun stars in Netflix’s “Beef” alongside Ali Wong, a comedy-thriller about two characters facing their discontented lives after a road-rage incident.
– Yeun met his wife, Joana Pak, in 2009 at the bar he was bartending while part of the Second City comedy theater group in Chicago.
– The couple married in 2016 and have two children together. Pak occasionally attends red carpet events with Yeun and helps him prepare for his roles.

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Steven Yeun is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. It’s hard to forget his iconic role as Glenn in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” series. Now, he is moving on to new projects, such as his recent appearance on Netflix’s comedy-thriller “Beef,” where he stars alongside Ali Wong. The show tells the story of two people who find themselves disillusioned with their lives after a road-rage incident. However, in real life, Yeun seems content and happy with his family life.

Yeun is married to professional photographer Joana Pak, and they have built a beautiful family together. In a 2018 interview with Martha Stewart magazine, the couple shared the story of their relationship. Yeun met Pak when he was struggling to make ends meet while bartending in Chicago. The couple ran into each other frequently and eventually became inseparable.

Soon after they met, Yeun’s acting career took off, and they had to endure long-distance as he pursued different roles. Despite that, the couple stayed together, and Yeun proposed to Pak in August of 2015. They had a beautiful wedding on December 3, 2016, at the Paramour Estate in Los Angeles, attended by 220 guests, including Yeun’s “The Walking Dead” costars.

Yeun and Pak are relatively private people, but they occasionally attend red carpet events together. Pak even helps Yeun prepare for his various roles, such as his recent role in the Oscar-winning film “Minari.” Yeun shared with W Magazine in February of 2021 that “Minari” is essentially the story of Pak’s Korean family who settled in Arkansas and made their money by chicken sexing.

The couple welcomed their first child, Jude Malcolm Yeun, in March of 2017, and their daughter, whose name has not been revealed, was born in May of 2019. Yeun and Pak seem to have built a beautiful life together, balancing their respective careers and family life. Despite Yeun’s recent roles in serious and intense projects, he seems to have found joy and love in his personal life, and fans can’t help but be happy for him.