Stephen & Ayesha Curry’s Secrets to a Successful & Enviable Marriage

Being sidelined due to an injury has its perks. For Steph, it was spending more time with his family. This happened during most of the 2019-2020 season when he broke his hand.

October 2019, remember? That’s when it happened. The first three weeks, he was like a stay-at-home dad. He spilled this to All the Smoke.

What did he do? All the stuff he’d always wanted to do. Taking the kids to school, picking them up, and attending all their extracurricular activities.

His daughter, she’s into horseback riding and soccer. He was there for every event. No more excuses like, “Oh, I gotta be somewhere.” No more missing out due to road trips and stuff.

When he’s away, FaceTime is his best friend. But when he’s home, he’s all hands-on. Matching pajamas? Yeah, we’re pretty sure they’ve got a stockpile.

Ayesha, she spilled some beans to Parents. What she loves about him? He’s not too cool for school. He’ll play with the girls, even if it means wearing dress-up clothes.

And his patience? A virtue she admits she lacks. They balance each other out, she says.