Spencer Pratt says he convinced Brody Jenner to break up with Nicole Richie and date Lauren Conrad instead.


Spencer Pratt has told more behind-the-scenes stories about his time on The Hills, including the time he tried to break up Brody Jenner and Nicole Richie, who was then his girlfriend, so that Lauren “LC” Conrad could have a real-life love interest.

When Pratt first met Conrad, who had moved to Los Angeles to oversee The Hills, an MTV spinoff of Laguna Beach, he thought she was a “nice girl,” he said on Wednesday’s Call Her Daddy podcast.

“It was all good, to the point where I talked Brody into breaking up with Nicole Richie to fake double-date with LC,” he revealed.

Before Conrad, 36, publicly clashed with Pratt, 38, and his wife Heidi Montag, 35, on the program, Pratt was enthusiastic about where his and Conrad’s combined wisdom and star power could lead them.

“That’s the level of how I felt about her,” he said. “‘Let me help you make your life better by bringing the best-looking guy in Hollywood right now, who all the girls want to date — I’ll get him to split up with his famous, superstar girlfriend,’ it was like. I’ll get him to go on your program and pretend to be your love interest… everyone wins.

Pratt explained that because he “was already in the game with the paparazzi” from pitching and producing Princes of Malibu (which also starred Jenner, now 38), he arranged for photographers to catch the double date.

Conrad was surprised that the date would be made public. “So that was when I was like, ‘Oh, you’re not all there … don’t have a full deck running here as you’re trying to be on your second television show,'” Pratt explained.

Even now, his reaction to her remark perplexes him.

“I just watched a season 2 episode,” he explained. “LC was aware of stardom since she had every tabloid on her lap while sitting on the couch. That’s what she’s looking at.

He responded, “I’m all for folks who don’t want to be famous, but you’re like a second show, like you branched out. You have chosen the route of celebrity.

“So don’t be mad at me, girl.” he said.

Though fans supported the couple for several seasons, Pratt admitted that his intentions for his buddies “didn’t work out from night one” and that “eventually Brody couldn’t pretend anymore.” (Conrad has said in the past that she and Jenner had “zero chemistry” for years.)

Pratt continues to feel that Conrad was the main issue I didn’t realize I was ahead of the game. I’ve previously seen this work on a much larger scale because I’m not from Laguna Beach, but rather from [Los Angeles].

He went on to say that he’s long been on “a black belt level” when it comes to chasing celebrity and media.

“All due respect to LC,” he explained, “she’d never been in a tabloid until I unlocked that for her.”