Sophia Culpo’s Interactions with Alix Earle Amid Braxton Berrios Drama

– Sophia Culpo reached out to Alix Earle to extend an apology and end the girl vs. girl drama surrounding Braxton Berrios.
– Alix accepted Sophia’s peace offering, agreeing that the situation needed to stop and they both wanted to move forward.
– Braxton previously addressed cheating allegations on his Instagram Story, stating it had nothing to do with anyone else.

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Sophia Culpo reached out to Alix Earle in an effort to resolve the drama surrounding Braxton Berrios. There were allegations that Braxton’s relationship with the influencer overlapped with his relationship with Sophia. Sophia decided it was time to move on and wanted to put an end to the feud between them. On their Barely Filtered podcast, Sophia apologized to Alix and emphasized that she didn’t hold any grudges against her. She acknowledged that Braxton was the one who owed her loyalty, not Alix. Sophia expressed her hope that things would be better for Alix in the future. Alix agreed with Sophia’s sentiments, realizing that the situation wasn’t benefiting anyone and it was time to move forward.

Around the same time, Braxton himself addressed the cheating allegations on his Instagram Story. He made it clear that the breakup between him and Sophia earlier in the year had nothing to do with anyone else. He denied any involvement with other people and emphasized that the cause of their breakup was unrelated. However, the exact details of the breakup were not provided.

More recently, Alix addressed the accusations of her being a “homewrecker.” She became emotional while discussing the negative comments and explained that her childhood experiences taught her that such behavior was unacceptable. She reassured everyone that she would never engage in such actions. Alix even went as far as checking evidence multiple times to ensure that Braxton hadn’t cheated on Sophia with her. She expressed that she couldn’t live with herself if she had been involved in something so hurtful.

It’s clear that Sophia, Alix, and Braxton all want to put this situation behind them. They understand the negative impact it has had and are eager to move forward.


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