Some Pros and Cons of Using CBD Oil and Tincture

Some Pros and Cons of Using CBD Oil and Tincture
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Cannabidiol (or for short CBD) seems to be the talk in many parts of the country and world at large. This is because of reports affirming that this naturally occurring compound from the cannabis plant does humans and animals a lot of good.

Well, this is not a myth but very true. You should know that CBD is very therapeutic and beneficial. This is even though studies about it are very much inconclusive and the FDA still tags it an experimental drug.

Aside from knowing that Cannabidiol works, you should also know this therapeutic compound is presented in various forms by manufacturers. Some of the ways CBD can be used include: topically via balms, salves, shampoos, and lotions; via edibles like chocolate bars, gummies, and treats; via suppositories, and several other ways.

Manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to present cannabidiol to users. The thing is that you need to understand the pros and cons of the available options. This will help you make the right decision on the way you should use CBD.

Against this backdrop, this article will discuss 2 of the common way cannabidiol is used. As a matter of fact, some people do not even know that there is a difference between both forms. Well, we will shed light on the pros and cons of these 2 ways of using cannabidiol.

Let us talk about CBD oil and Tincture!

The Major Difference Between CBD Oil and Tincture

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Considering the common mix-up, it is important that you know the difference between both cannabidiol oil and tincture. The major difference is the process used in making them.

After extraction, carrier oil such as coconut oil is used to make CBD oil. This is not the same thing with tincture.

Although they may both be used with the dropper style, tincture production makes great use of alcohol. Highly distilled alcohol is used to extract the cannabidiol ingredient and eventually make the product. So, you can simply say the base ingredients are the major difference between both options.

Advantages of Using Tincture Option

Some of the advantages that come with using cannabidiol in the tincture form include the following:


To be candid, this option is bitter in its natural form. However, most manufacturers make use of sweeteners, flavors, and things that improve the taste.

This makes it better and easy to use for people that are particular about using something that taste well. The truth is that the same cannot be said about the other option.

Even with the use of flavors, sweeteners, and things to improve the taste, there seem to be that weedy taste that does not go away. This seems to be the problem for most people that use the oil option. So, you might want to consider taste if it means a lot to you.

Can be Used Easily with Meals

Because of its composition, this option mixes easily when used with meals. Although the oil option can be used in this manner, tinctures do a better job. So, people that prefer using it in this manner might want to consider it for this reason.

Disadvantages of Using Tincture Option

Some of the downsides of using cannabidiol in this form include the following:

Limited Option for Use

There are very few ways cannabidiol in this form can be used. The best way is to use it sublingually. Another (but a less effective way) is adding it to meals or drinks.

Other than these, it may not work effectively. For instance, the concentration might do little or nothing when used topically. This is except for some products that have ingredients that can stand the rigors of topical use.

Also, on no occasion should CBD tincture be inhaled with a vape pen or any other means. It is not ideal and should be ruled out. For more about this, you can visit:

So, the truth is that there are limited options for use. Frankly, this is one area that CBD oil is better.

The Problem of Alcohol

First, you should know there are several ways the use of alcohol benefit CBD tincture. For instance, some people have allergic reactions because of the oily content in CBD oil. These people do not feel the same way when they use tinctures. This is because alcohol will not give the same effects.

Be that as it may, the fact that alcohol is used for this option makes it a no-no for certain people. These are people that could benefit from CBD but not from alcohol. Examples include pregnant women, nursing mothers, kids, and many others. So, not everyone is fit enough to use this option.

Advantages of Oil Option

Some of the advantages of using this option include the following:

Can be Used in Various Ways

This is one of the biggest advantages, especially when compared with tincture. CBD oil can be used in various ways. It can be inhaled, used topically, sublingually, and added to meals and drink.

However, you need to get the right product for the method you are using. For instance, you should get the ideal product if you want to inhale it. This is because not every CBD oil product can be vaporized.

The Alcohol Problem Sorted

As you well know, tincture makes use of alcohol. Well, you should know this is not the case with this option. So, people that cannot use tincture for whatever reason may be able to benefit from this option.

Disadvantages of CBD Oil Option

Some of the disadvantages of this option include the following:

Unpleasant Taste

With this option, there seem to be a stubborn weedy taste that would not go away. For most products out there, it is the case regardless of how much sweetener is used.

Stomach’s Reaction

For some people, there is a sensation felt when they use this option. This is majorly because of their body’s reaction to the oil extract.

On a Final Note

We have talk about the downsides of both the tincture and oil option here. You should know that some products are better at dealing with these issues. This is because they are premium quality and getting them would be a good decision. You can see this website to learn more about this.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of the tincture and oil CBD options discussed here, you are now informed. This is why you should make better decisions when choosing a method of benefiting from cannabidiol.