Sofia Richie Advocates for the Revival of Y2K Trend of Using Concealer as Lipstick

РModel Sofia Richie Grainge has brought back a Y2K makeup trend of applying concealer to lips to create a matte ombr̩ look.
– Richie Grainge’s father, Lionel Richie, has given her beauty advice throughout her life, including skincare tips before her wedding to Elliot Grainge.
– Richie Grainge’s husband, music executive Elliot Grainge, has not yet adopted her extensive beauty routine, which she finds surprising.

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Sofia Richie Grainge isn’t one to keep her beauty secrets to herself. The model is renowned for inspiring some of the biggest beauty and fashion trends. So, it’s no shocker that she’s resurrecting a once-forgotten Y2K style. Earlier this month, she reintroduced an early aughts makeup trick. It involves applying concealer to your lips to create a matte ombré look.

“I want to show you the lip combo that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with for this fall,” Sofia said in an Oct. 18 video. “It’s a TikTok trend: Pumpkin spice. I’m here for it.” To start, the influencer applied two lip glosses from YSL Beauty. The brand sponsored the video, just so you know. First, she swiped the Rouge Volupté Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick in shade 14, a cocoa brown. Then, she tapped on shade 15, a slightly lighter color than the first lipstick.

Now, this is where the Y2K trend came into play. “Last, but not least, I’m going to do the cherry on top, which is a tiny, tiny dot of concealer,” she shared, dabbing the product in the center of her lips for a plumping effect. “And you get this beautiful ombré lip combo.”

Many of the 25-year-old’s fans raved over her nostalgic-inducing look. As one follower put it, “Concealer lip is back: Millennial assemble,” while another person quipped, “Cries in millennial.” Someone else cheekily wrote, “I did my time!!”

And while Sofia isn’t afraid to experiment with her style, there are certain beauty rules her father Lionel Richie has advised her not to break. “I get a lot of my beauty advice from my dad,” she told Refinery29 in August. “It’s been that way for my entire life…He gives me all his little hacks. He’s my queen.”

In fact, Sofia credited the legendary singer with giving her a skincare lesson before she tied the knot to Elliot Grainge in the South of France back in April. “The night before my wedding, he was like, ‘You’re going to go to bed because nothing is going to cover up bags,'” Sofia recalled of her dad’s wise words. “And I was like, ‘You’re right, queen, you’re right.'” She added, “If I have any skin issues, medical issues, hair issues, nail issues, he’s my first call. He knows how to look great.”

Now, the only person Sofia hasn’t been able to influence? Her music executive husband. “You know what’s crazy, is my husband doesn’t put lotion all over his body,” she revealed to the outlet. “And when we first started dating, I was like, ‘I don’t understand.’ Get out of the shower and air dry…and then move on with your life? I just can’t.”

Elliot may be taking baby steps with his beauty routine, but there’s no doubt the two clean up nice. Keep reading to revisit their fairytale wedding.