Sinclair’s Private Life Exposed: Dating “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Co-Star Ross Lynch

– Jaz Sinclair and Ross Lynch’s relationship became public when Sinclair surprised Lynch on his birthday, which he shared on Instagram.
– The couple hinted at their relationship on Instagram before making their red carpet debut at a fashion show in Paris.
– Lynch defended their relationship against hateful comments and continued to document their happy times together on social media, although it is uncertain if they are still together.

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Sinclair and Lynch’s relationship became the talk of the town after they started dating in 2018. Although Sinclair initially wanted to keep their romance private, it was challenging to hide it when she began dating her “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” co-star. Fans started speculating about their relationship status in December when Sinclair surprised Lynch with a sweet birthday surprise. Lynch took to Instagram to share the moment, stating, “It’s my burthdaayyyyy. This photo was taken after @gavinleatherwood and @jaz_sinclair stormed into my room with coffee blaring ‘it’s a beautiful morning’ by The Wipe Outs. It was a great way to wake up.”

Over the next few months, Sinclair and Lynch dropped subtle hints about their relationship on Instagram, further fueling the curiosity of their fans. However, it was not until January 2020 that they made their official red carpet debut as a couple at the Balmain fashion show in Paris. The public acknowledgment of their romance sealed the deal for their supporters.

Unfortunately, the couple also faced their fair share of negative comments and hate on social media. In April 2020, Lynch took to Instagram to address these hurtful remarks, especially the ones targeting their relationship based on race. He wrote, “Yo guys whoever is being hateful to jasmine and I’s relationship (especially on a race basis wtf) can take a step back. We are both extremely happy. Thanks 👍.”

Despite their ups and downs, Lynch continued to share glimpses of their happy moments together. Their social media posts showcased their fun-filled adventures in nature and their laid-back dates. However, since Lynch’s last post with Sinclair in October 2022, it remains uncertain whether they are still together.