Serena Williams Enjoys Rest and Relaxation Before Baby’s Arrival

– Serena Williams is enjoying a “pre-push party” before the arrival of her second baby.
– She and her daughter Olympia were treated to a spa-day pampering and pool time.
– Williams expresses her excitement and anxiety about the upcoming birth, and still has practical tasks to complete before the baby arrives.

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Serena Williams is making sure she gets some much-needed rest and relaxation before the arrival of her second baby. The retired tennis legend recently shared a video from her unique baby shower, which she cleverly coined a “pre-push party.” The video, posted on YouTube, showcased Serena and her adorable daughter Olympia Ohanian indulging in a day of pampering and pool time, courtesy of her friend Lara Shriftman who organized the event. Serena, who is expecting her second daughter with husband Alexis Ohanian, took a moment amidst her spa treatments to share her excitement and a touch of nerves as her due date approaches.

Feeling a mix of emotions, Serena expressed her readiness for motherhood again, along with some anticipation and butterflies. She acknowledged that she still had several tasks to cross off her to-do list before the baby’s arrival, such as preparing the crib and changing table. However, she was grateful for the support she received from her husband and her network of friends and family. Although Alexis Ohanian didn’t appear to be at the “pre-push party,” Serena and Olympia were surrounded by their loved ones, including Serena’s mother, Oracene Price.

The video showed heartwarming moments of the women, all dressed in matching orange pajamas, sharing laughter and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. As Serena opened thoughtful gifts, she couldn’t help but express her overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude. Surrounded by her friends and family, Serena felt an incredible sense of comfort and ease on this special day. With her due date approaching, she is cherishing these moments and taking the time to unwind before her second bundle of joy arrives.

In the midst of preparations and emotions, Serena Williams is embracing this exciting chapter of her life. The “pre-push party” allowed her to take a much-needed break and indulge in some self-care alongside her daughter and loved ones. As her due date draws near, Serena’s joy and anticipation are evident, and she finds solace in the support of her husband, friends, and family. With the nursery to be arranged and tasks to be checked off, Serena is ready to welcome her second little one with open arms and an open heart.


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