Selena Gomez’s Boyfriend Benny Blanco Gives Insight into Their Relationship

Benny Blanco’s got a thing for Selena Gomez. That’s a fact. He made it clear when he posted some snug photos of the “Same Old Love” singer. She was all wrapped up, enjoying a winter day out.

The pictures popped up on his Instagram Stories on Jan. 2. Selena was all cozy in a thick gray coat. She was sitting under a red umbrella at an outdoor patio.

Selena, who’s 31, was caught in a couple of candid moments. In one, she was flashing a grin. In another, she was shyly hiding her face with her hands.

Benny, who’s 35, didn’t add a caption. But he did follow up the photos with some other images. There were pictures of a garden and confetti from a New Year’s Eve party.

These sweet posts came about a month after Selena went public with her feelings for the “Eastside” artist. She called him her “absolute everything.” She took to Instagram on Dec. 7 to gush about him.

“Why has he been the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” she mused. She added, “He’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Facts.”