Scott Disick Returns to “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” in Season 3

– Scott Disick returns to the spotlight in season three of “The Kardashians” and appears in some of the first scenes of the show.
– Disick remains an important part of the Kardashian-Jenner family as a coparent with Kourtney Kardashian, despite their split in 2015.
– Kris Jenner assures that Disick will never be excommunicated from the family because he’s the father of her grandchildren and a special part of their family.

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Scott Disick Makes TV Comeback in “The Kardashians” Season Three Premiere

Scott Disick, former partner of Kourtney Kardashian and father of their three children, made his return to “The Kardashians” screen after his absence in season two. The premiere features Disick chatting with KhloĂ© and Kim Kardashian about family matters and serious issues apart from some light-hearted jokes he made.

Although Disick has not been as prominent in family photographs since Kourtney married Travis Barker, he remains a crucial part of the Kardashian–Jenner clan. Disick and Kourtney are co-parents who come together for their kids, as evidenced by their oldest son Mason’s 2022 bar mitzvah party. In August 2022, Kris Jenner confirmed on Instagram that Disick “will NEVER be excommunicated from our family,” despite their split.

Disick’s relationship with Kourtney has been documented publicly, from their on-and-off dating to calling it quits in 2015. While their struggle with Kourtney’s new romance was portrayed heavily in season one of the show, Disick’s appearances in season two were less frequent.

The return of Disick in the season three premiere has prompted many fans to scrutinize their role and revisit the character in “The Kardashians.” Season three is available on Hulu, where viewers can catch Disick’s latest on-screen appearances.

In conclusion, Scott Disick has made his return to the television screen and played a crucial role in the season three premiere of “The Kardashians.” Although he has not been as visible in family photographs, he remains a vital part of the Kardashian-Jenner family, as Kourtney’s co-parent and the father of her children. Fans should check out season three on Hulu to see more of Disick’s appearances on the show.