Sarah Snook’s “Succession” Role and Pregnancy Revealed

– Sarah Snook’s role as Shiv Roy in “Succession” has been well-received, as her character is smart, strong, and savvy.
– Snook surprised fans by announcing her pregnancy with husband Dave Lawson at the premiere of “Succession” season four.
– Snook values her privacy and has not talked much about Lawson or their growing family in interviews.

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Sarah Snook: “Succession” star reveals she’s pregnant

Australian actor Sarah Snook made a surprise announcement at the “Succession” event in New York City on March 20. The 33-year-old revealed that she and her husband, Dave Lawson, are expecting their first child together. Snook, who plays Shiv Roy on the critically acclaimed HBO show, told Entertainment Tonight that she feels great and her baby will arrive soon because she’s already 32 weeks pregnant.

Snook has been private about her personal life, so fans were ecstatic to learn about her pregnancy. While she hasn’t spoken much about Lawson or their growing family in interviews, the couple has been together for several years. They met on the set of the Australian TV series “Sisters” and got married in 2018.

Despite her rising fame and success, Snook has remained grounded and focused on her craft. Her role in “Succession” has earned her widespread recognition and critical acclaim, with many praising her performance as Shiv Roy. Snook’s fans are excited to see what new challenges she will take on both in her personal life and professional career.

As Snook prepares to welcome her first child into the world, fans will undoubtedly continue to follow her journey with great interest. Her announcement has only added to the excitement surrounding “Succession” and the talented cast that brings the show to life.